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Innovation is a key strategic priority at THP through which we aim to deliver better outcomes for more people while fostering a sustainable and joyful work environment. In order to accomplish this goal, THP will continue to highlight the efforts of existing innovators within the hospital and create the right environment and culture to nourish new innovations on the front line. By facilitating front line innovation projects, THP aims to encourage resourcefulness and help galvanize the frontline to think creatively.

A growing number of children in our communities struggle with obesity – 1 in 3 children and youth in Peel Region are overweight or obese.

Improve cancer screening rates for diverse populations in our region.


Wandering and looking for a way out is a common tendency for elderly adult mental health patients with dementia, where a patient sees a door, and wants to pass through it by instinct.

Reducing isolation for patients on acute care units through improving their experience at meal time.