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 Why Work Here


Benefits and Programs

Much more than a competitive salary

At Trillium Health Partners, we know you want a challenging job that fits your life and goals. We match rewarding work with real career development opportunities. As part of total compensation, we offer a benefits package that helps support work/life balance. Below you’ll find a list of benefits and developmental opportunities included with your employment:

1) Attractive Total Compensation:

We offer competitive pay scales reflective of the healthcare industry.
You will receive a range of benefits in addition to your take-home pay.

2) Health Benefits and Life Insurance:

Comprehensive and competitive coverage for all full time employees including:
  • Extended Health Care (Prescription Drugs, Emergency Travel Coverage)
  • Dental
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • And more …

3) Hospital’s of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP):

HOOPP is our provider for our defined plan. More information about HOOPP is available through the HOOPP website »


Employees receive vacation entitlements competitive with benchmark standards. Float Days are also available for use within each calendar year.

5) Maternity/Parental Leave of Absence:

Top-Up of salary available for Maternity and Parental leaves for eligible employees.

6) Financial Benefits:

Options include Group RRSP and the Canada Saving Bond Payroll Savings Program offered through payroll deduction.

7) Staff Perks and Promotions:

The Credit Valley Hospital offers a number of corporate discounts. Our “Perks and Promotions” include:
  • Great Rates at the CVH Employee Gym with 24 hours access
  • CVH gear and giftware,
  • Staff Discounts at the CVH Pharmacentre and Gift Shop
  • In-House Drycleaner services
  • Discounts on hotels,
  • Home and Auto Insurance (Group Rates)
  • Tickets to local attractions,
  • Cell phones (Discounted Rates)
  • Staff Social Club
    • Golf Day
    • Holiday Party
    • Ski Day etc.
  • And more...

Career Mobility

Career Development

You’ll have the opportunity to build your career as a healthcare professional. On top of that, you can help shape and deliver exemplary patient and family centered care – whether on the front line or through support services. Now more than ever, we are encouraging employees to take on new initiatives/challenges to enhance their skills and experience.

Opportunities to facilitate career development allow for:
  • broader experience of employees
  • opportunity to create more rewarding careers and;
  • to assist in enhancing our services to patients, their families and visitors.
We can provide you with the education and experience you need to grow continue learning and/or realize your career goals.

Temporary Assignments

Access a wide variety of work experiences within and between departments to help develop skills and expand career options.

Transferable Skills

There are initiatives in place in many different areas including Corporate Education and Our People Care that aid in the development of people skills that are key components throughout Credit Valley.
"At Credit Valley, we strive to ensure all employees have the opportunity, direction and support required to excel and advance in their careers."

Rewards and Recognition


Employee of the Quarter:
This award is presented to an employee for outstanding achievement and/or contribution to the hospital. The individual who is nominated incorporates the values of CVH in his/her daily practices. The selected winners are nominated by fellow co-workers.
Long Service:
The Long Service Awards (LSAs) celebrate CVH's success through the recognition of commitment through years of service of all staff.
The LSAs acknowledge employees who have contributed 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 years of continuous service.
There are many nursing awards offered each year at CVH to recognize excellence in nursing. Here are a few:
  • Quality Award
  • Professional Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Clinical Practice Award
  • Novice Award
  • Nursing Administration
  • Excellence Award and;
  • Team Recognition
Dr. Calvin Gutkin Award:
The Dr. Calvin Gutkin Award was established in 1995. The award is based on three objectives:
  1. To inspire positive change – to develop innovative ways to raise the quality of care and the patient experience in our hospital
  2. To recognize excellence – reward dedication to the improvement of methods that lead to better outcomes
  3. To promote best practices – build awareness of effective real-world efforts that improve outcomes in patient safety and service excellence.
Dr. Donald Black Bursary Award:
In memory of Dr. Donald Black, Credit Valley’s founding Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Award is $1,000 annually to a deserving recipient to “assist with continuing education for a health care professional caring for patients of the Ob/Gyn Program”.

Learning Opportunities

At Trillium Health Partners, we recognize the importance of professional growth as well as personal growth. We are committed to the training and development of employees. As an employee, you will have access to innovative learning opportunities offered in-class, by e-learning and mentoring.
You can access specific, individual courses or follow a full program leading to certification. You’ll be able to improve your skills in a variety of areas, including:
  • personal development,
  • communications,
  • technology,
  • management and leadership.

Examples of Some of Our Learning Programs

Our People Care:
Our People Care is a corporate initiative that focuses on further promoting a healthy working environment and caring relationships among all people in the hospital.
The underlying philosophy of the program is:
"Excellence in Patient Care Achieved through Excellence in People Care."
We believe that Our People Care provides the framework, and necessary skills to create positive and empowering working environments, and relationships and partnerships among all people based on mutual trust and respect.
We believe that Our People Care is vital in achieving our goals and providing excellent care and service to the community we serve.
Patient and Family Centred Care:
The core values of our philosophy of care were developed on input from the health care team, community representatives, patients, and patient families. Each core value is characterized by key principles evidenced by key actions and attitudes.
The goal is for the health care team to work together to encourage the consistent adoption of these values and behaviours across the entire organization, so that we will be known for our culture of caring.
Certificate in Work Skills:
Seven course certificate that promotes essential tools for work success!
Participants will learn techniques to work more effectively on the job and deal positively with challenging situations. Graduates of the program will feel more confident about their own work skills and ability to perform effectively on the job.
Computer Education:
A computer education site on the Intranet promotes knowledge sharing using various tools and technology for standard applications used at Credit Valley.
Computer education includes:
  • Microsoft Office Suite,
  • content management systems such as SharePoint and Paradigm.
Clinical Education includes:
CPR, Infection Prevention and Control, Nursing and more …


Mentoring connects employees to experienced and skilled colleagues, for career development, maintaining work relationships, the processes and structure of healthcare or specific skills.

Award Winning Employer

Hospital Design

For the Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre and Vijay Jeet and Neena Kanwar Ambulatory Care Centre
  • International Academy for Design and Health in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • The Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre and Vijay Jeet and Neena Kanwar Ambulatory Care Centre was singled out for “the highest standards in creating supportive physical health care environments.”
  • Best International Design Award
  • Mississauga Urban Design Award
  • Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario Award

Family Medicine Teaching Unit

  • In its first year of operation, The Family Medicine Teaching Unit received a full Accreditation award from the Canadian College of Family Physicians of Ontario.
  • All four residents passed their exams -- 100% pass rate for our Medical Residency program

BD Award for Safety

  • First ever awarded Diamond level of the BD Safety Recognition Award. The BD Safety Recognition Award has been designed to recognize healthcare institutions for their commitment to providing a safer environment for staff and patients through the use of BD safety-engineered devices and programs


  • 1st place for multimedia presentation for “Vivi” (Arthur Uyeyama)
  • 1st place for website (Vlad Simic)
  • 3rd Place for fundraising case statement “Lifetime of Care” (Rosanna Petricca)

Hospital News Nurse of the Year Award

  • Theresa Ferrari, ICU/CCU, Nursing Award

Mental Health

Canadian Sports Awards
  • Sue Swaine for developing a racquetball program for CVH schizophrenia patients.
President’s award from Racquetball Canada
  • Sue Swaine for establishing the Racquetball Clinic at Meadowvale Community Center for individuals with Mental Health challenges

Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Service Award sponsored by the Government of Ontario (15 years of continuous service)
  • Jean Macfarlane
  • Marion Andrews
  • Rita Zorge
Civic Award of Recognition (10 years of service)
  • Maureen Burgoyne
  • Gillian Evenden
  • William Grieve
  • Saverio Guerrera
  • Vena Haynes
  • Kathy Hellyer
  • Gwen Hems
  • Sayeeda Husain
  • Teresa Lane
  • Angeline Layton
  • Frances Mercer
  • Catherine Mifsud
  • Gloria Nurse
  • Doreen Painchaud
  • Jessie Solarski
  • Stan Solarski
  • Lee Torrance
  • Mary-Rose Treasurywala
  • Margaret Woods

Community Involvement            

Our Community

Going Green Employer

Green Team

Credit Valley recognizes the importance to move in the ‘green’ direction. We have our own “Green Team”, along with a “Youth Volunteer Green Team”. Together we are involved in educating staff, patients and visitors through “green” initiatives which include, battery recycling, outdoor recycling centres and an increased organic recycling program.
Measures are being implemented to reduce waste, lower energy costs, achieve a healthier indoor air quality and foster more benevolent surroundings.
Some of the initiatives include:
  • Smoke Free organization; smoking is prohibited on hospital property
  • Earth Week and Energy Week Campaigns
  • Designated Recycling Bins
  • And more


Total Rewards

At Trillium, we provide our people with an environment where they can grow, create, inspire and be inspired and to help them thrive in their personal and professional life.  We've designed our Total Rewards Program to do just that.

This is the total value of working at Trillium:

1) Competitive Pay and Benefits

2) Competitive Salary

Part-time employees receive a payment calculated as a percentage of their salary in lieu of benefits.  Trillium has designed a package allowing non-union, part-time staff who have completed 450 hours to choose whether or not they would like to join in the benefit package.  There is no obligation, no threshold.

3) Comprehensive Health and Dental Benefits

Trillium offers a shared Extended Health Care Plan and a Dental Care Plan with 25% covered by the employee and 75% covered by the health centre.  The health care plan includes 100% reimbursement for prescription drugs and coverage for vision care, hospital care, emergency medical expenses outside the province, various medical services and equipment, and paramedical services. The dental plan offers 100% coverage for basic services and
Staff can choose to enhance the core plan with one of two optional plans that build upon what is already provided. Full-time staff are offered Group Life and Optional Life coverage. Non-union employees also have access to Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. Both Short-Term Sick (15 weeks) and Long-Term Disability coverage are provided.

4) Paid Vacation & Float Days

Trillium's vacation entitlement starts at 3 or 4 weeks. Trillium offers 2 paid float days in addition to the regular statutory holidays per year that each employee can take at his/her own discretion.

5) Annual Salary Reviews

Trillium is constantly evaluating the salary level of its employees and the compensation structures for physicians to remain competitive in the tight health are employment market.

6) Industry Leader Pension Plan (HOOPP)

Retirement benefits are offered through the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) only for employees who have participated.  The plan is mandatory for full-time employees and optional for part-time staff.

7) Maternity/Paternity Leave Top-Up

Trillium tops up Employment Insurance to 84% for a period of 27 weeks.  For members of CUPE, the top up is 93%.

8) Bereavement Benefits

Trillium supports the personal, professional and passionate dimensions of our staff. The health centre provides paid time off to support employees and their families, in times of bereavement.

9) Sabbaticals

Many employees receive unpaid leaves of absence at Trillium to pursue educational opportunities or other employment opportunities in health care organizations, the Ministry of Health and the private sector.  Trillium also supports paid leaves of absence.

10) Canada Savings Bonds

11) Corporate and Preferred Provider Discounts

Trillium staff enjoy corporate and preferred provider discounts with several companies, including RBC Financial and Group Insurance, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), Personal Insurance Group


Talent Management


Talent management enables Trillium to build a strong talent pool and identify high performers and potential successors for key positions. It is a deliberate and planned process for tracking and developing leadership talent to ensure readiness for future opportunities in identified key positions for both the short term and long term.

Leadership and Career Development

We are committed to providing opportunities for employees to develop their leadership capabilities. In addition to offering enrichment learning programs for all employees and exploring development opportunities for our emergent leaders, we also offer a Management Development Program to ensure our management staff receive the support they need to be effective leaders. We are also partnering with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto to offer Advanced Leadership courses for our senior leaders.

Mentorship Programs

Trillium is fortunate to have a diverse workforce reflective of its community. People of different generations, origins, races, religions, genders, languages, physical and intellectual abilities, make up our rich diversity. We will continue to focus on ensuring cultural competency among our workforce to ensure that our environment remains one of inclusiveness, equity and mutual respect. We will also be focusing various opportunities, such as two-way mentorship programs, to address knowledge transfer amongst our multi-generational workforce.

Performance Reviews and Feedback

Trillium ensures employees understand how their performance impacts the health centre's success through the work they do. Trillium's performance development process includes reflecting back and planning ahead with the key outcome being learning and development. Each unit and department develops an annual learning plan outlining the learning initiatives necessary to maintain and enhance staff competencies and meet Trillium goals and objectives. Individual learning plans are developed for each employee.

Tuition Reimbursement

Full-time and part-time employees are eligible to apply for learning funds to support post-secondary and continuing education studies at an accredited Canadian college or university. Staff can apply throughout the year for funding support towards tuition, workshops, and conferences. Certain limitations may apply.

Critical Care Scholarship

Trillium occasionally offers scholarships to promote skill development for targeted areas. Scholarships are available to RNs with a special interest in advancing their careers in a critical care environment such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Coronary Care Unit and Cardiac Surgery ICU. This scholarship includes tuition to George Brown College with time paid to complete the program. Graduates are placed into full time positions in the area they are accepted into.

Student Scholarships

The Merritt G. Henderson Student Education Fund provides tuition assistance for children of employees who demonstrate community involvement and are interested in pursuing a health care career. To be eligible for a bursary from this fund, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate post-secondary program of full-time study at a Canadian university or community college (proof of admission to the program/course will be required).

Online Learning

iLearn, Trillium's online learning management system, is a one-stop shop for all employees learning needs. It is fast, simple and easy to use. Employees can take a variety of courses on iLearn, keep track of their own learning, manage the approval process for learning requests, focus on professional development opportunities and keep abreast of the latest learning activities at Trillium.

Classroom Training

Trillium offers a wide variety of in-house training opportunities for staff, volunteers and physicians either free of charge or at reduced rates. Topic areas include:
Clinical skills, Computer training, Communication, Teamwork, Customer service,
Change management, Presentation skills, Leadership Development.

Clinical Systems Training

On-site Clinical Systems training is provided to nurses, physicians and allied health professionals. Courses are two to four hours.

Back To School Conference

The Back To School Conference is an annual innovative and thought-provoking internal educational conference held in the fall for employees, physicians and volunteers.  It features a line-up of exceptional speakers who inform, educate, and inspire staff to push beyond the status quo, challenge accepted norms, and change the face of health care. More than 1000 staff attend the event every year.

Learn @ Work Week

An annual event for staff, physicians and volunteers, this series of events include workshops on a variety of different topics in the Learning Centre culminating in the annual Back To School conference.

Conferences, Courses and Seminars

Trillium's success has been built upon a strong foundation of investment in learning. Our Board of Directors, management team, clinicians and others recognize that to continue to improve our quality and service to patients we need to invest in our staff's education. Trillium has invested in new and innovative ways of learning, including technology-enabled learning through our internal portal and a new, state-of-the-art learning centre. Structured learning through conferences, courses and workshops continue to be an important part of our learning strategy.


A secondment is a full-time or part-time opportunity for a specified time frame up to approximately 24 months as defined by the appropriate manager(s) based on operational needs and/or special project(s). Secondments are provided so Trillium employees have the opportunity for career development, sharing of knowledge and ongoing learning experiences. Trillium benefits by increasing internal capacity and expertise.
Secondments differ from other temporary positions in that they are generally positions within a project environment that are different or new to the organization and provide learning opportunities for building internal capacity while supporting specific projects and/or initiatives. Employees may be seconded to another department or assignment/project within Trillium or to an external partner and/or academic facility.

State-of-the-Art Learning Centre

Trillium’s Learning Centre features a clinical learning lab, the Brayley Health Sciences Library, a computer training room and a 200-seat auditorium. The Learning Centre's flexible knowledge infrastructure supports ongoing training and education for Trillium clinicians, physicians, volunteers, and medical residents.

L.G. Brayley Health Sciences Library

The Library aims to meet the multidisciplinary information and knowledge needs of practitioners, hospital staff and students in the care of the patient, pursuit of evidence based practice, and research and continuing education. Located at Trillium - Mississauga, the Library services the staff at both the Mississauga and the West Toronto locations, as well as off-site locations. An array of electronic resources supplements a print collection available through the Library’s website. The Library is a member of the Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto (HSICT), the largest consortium of its type in Canada, and draws on its extensive resource sharing and support opportunities.

Academic Partnerships and Affiliations

In partnership with the University of Toronto, University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and the Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium is building an Academy of Medicine at the UTM campus to leverage our long history as a learning organization and to ensure the future health care needs of our communities are met. The Trillium - Summerville Family Medicine Teaching Unit, a joint partnership between Trillium and the Summerville Family Health Team, opened in July 2009 providing newly licenced doctors the opportunity to do their post graduate family medicine training under the supervision of experienced Trillium doctors.

Annual Corporate Quality Awards

Each year, Trillium invites submissions from both individuals and teams for the Trillium Quality Awards of Excellence recognizing those who have ‘pushed the envelope’ to achieve measurable enhanced patient care and customer service, and who have demonstrated a commitment to publish and share the project with the broader health care community.

Individual and Team Recognition Awards (App!ause!)

App!ause! recognizes the extraordinary efforts, successes and achievements of Trillium staff, physicians and volunteers.  The program promotes a workplace where the extraordinary possibilities of everyone who works at Trillium are recognized informally by their colleagues and formally by the health centre.  When an individual or a team is observed being extraordinary, going beyond what is expected, a peer, manager, or someone from the same or another team can submit a nomination. 

Long Service Awards

Employees who have served at Trillium Health Centre for five years or more are invited to the Long Service Awards Celebration where they are presented with a special certificate commemorating their years of service. Employees who have been with Trillium for ten or more years are also invited to attend a special recognition dinner in their honour.

Employee Referral Program Rewards

Employee referrals are proving to be one of the key initiatives in meeting Trillium's growing needs for additional, qualified professionals. Employees can refer someone for a wide variety of eligible positions. When staff invite someone to join our team, everyone wins. The new employee gets to make a great career move. Trillium gets another team member. And our referring employee gets recognized for their contribution with cash and prize rewards.

Publishing and Presenting

We continue to seek ways to help employees reach their maximum potential by reinforcing a healthy work environment that promotes continuous learning and rewards out of the box thinking. To contribute to training tomorrow's health care leaders we encourage staff and physicians to share their learnings and expertise beyond the walls of Trillium by publishing and presenting to others at conferences.
Health Professionals Recognition Weeks

Celebration Events

Health Centre awards and key milestones in Trillium’s progression are celebrated as a team with employees, volunteers and physicians invited to special events.

Annual Staff Appreciation Barbecue

Trillium's Senior Team hosts an annual barbecue every June in recognition of the collaborative and dedicated efforts of its employees, volunteers and physicians. Complimentary refreshments are provided, entertainment and an opportunity for the President and members of the senior team to personally acknowledge individuals.

Learning Achievements

Leadership in health innovation can only be achieved through a continuous search for better ways of delivering patient care and customer focus. Each year, Trillium invites submissions from both individuals and teams for the Trillium Quality Awards of Excellence recognizing those who have ‘pushed the envelope’ to achieve measurable enhanced patient care and customer service, and who have demonstrated a commitment to publish and share the
Employee Wellness Programs
Trillium is committed to the health and well-being of its staff, physicians and volunteers. Our wellness programs focus on the employee as a whole person. To support this commitment, a variety of services to improve employees' wellness are available, including mini massages, Coffee Cart, health club discounts, wellness library, movement classes such as Nia, Yoga, Belly Dancing, Zumba, and Core Strengthening, Lunch & Learns on Holistic Topics, and Individual Wellness Services.

Employee Assistance Program

The more complex life becomes, the more challenges we face at home and at work. When those challenges become overwhelming Trillium's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a voluntary, confidential short-term counselling and advisory service for employees and eligible family members that connects them to a network of dedicated professionals who are available with assistance 24 hours a day. These complimentary services are provided by FGI, Canada's largest and most respected behavioural health service provider.

Employee Feedback and Engagement

Receiving regular feedback from our staff and physicians is important to create a healthy work environment. Our annual Healthy Workplace Survey provides leaders with an opportunity to hear from their teams. Workplace health and safety, and employee wellness are integral parts of Trillium’s culture and environment. Many things contribute to creating a healthy workplace. The National Quality Institute recognized Trillium for its healthy workplace and quality organization with the Gold Award and Progressive Excellence Program (PEP) Level 4 Award. In keeping with the spirit of this award, we are continuing our journey of seeking continuous improvements in process management, work/life balance and focusing on our priorities.

Healthy Food Options

Trillium's Cafeteria helps to support wise food choices when at work by offering healthy food options such as salads,sandwiches, soups. 

Ergonomic Consults

Recognizing the musculoskeletal risks for many who work in a health care environment, Trillium has an excellent service in place to proactively address the needs of its employees. Ergonomic consultants provide consultative expertise to staff through educational sessions, assistance with accident investigations, physical demands analysis, new project planning, standardization of new furniture purchases, other equipment purchases including patient lifting devices, work station assessments and employee assessments.
Accessible Work Spaces

Safe Work Environment

Trillium offers a 100% smoke free environment, including grounds, at both main campuses to promote and protect the health of all members of our community.

Environmental Leader

An Ontario Environmental Leader and the first multi-site hospital in the world to be designated ISO 14001, Trillium's do-no-harm program for the environment has reduced our impact on everything from garbage to greenhouse gases (GHG).
Trillium Health Centre is dedicated to protecting the environment, which includes:
  • implementing best management practices, procedures, and technology to avoid or reduce pollution resulting from hospital operations;
  • monitoring the natural environment and our discharges to the environment to understand better our environmental impacts and to track progress toward achieving objectives and targets;
  • undertaking to comply with relevant environmental regulations, standards and codes of practice;
  • conserving energy through efficient use and operation;
  • working to identify acceptable alternatives to hazardous materials and managing those we continue to use in a manner that will reduce potential impacts;
  • minimizing waste generated by our operations and recycling wastes where practicable;
  • maintaining open communication with neighbouring communities and other interested parties;
  • continually improving environmental performance through environmental audits, participation in hospital industry associations, consultation with interested parties and periodic reviews.
To deliver on our core purpose: "in partnership with many others, we positively impact the health of the individuals, families and communities we serve", we must address the environmental impact of our operations and subsequent effect on patients, staff and the community at large.
Trillium's do-no-harm program for the environment has reduced our impact on everything from garbage to greenhouse gases (GHG). And the turnaround has paid off with financial and safety dividends. For example, Trillium's energy management system alone is expected to produce savings of more than $570,000.
By going green, the health centre has:
  • Diverted nine tonnes of plastic a year from landfill by introducing a reusable container system for the disposal of such items as needles and scalpels
  • Avoided more than 9,000 tonnes a year in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, being vented to the atmosphere
  • Eliminated cleaning products whose contents threaten human and animal growth in the eco-system
  • Replaced X-ray films and solutions that may contain mercury with an electronic imaging system
  • Reduced needlestick injuries by more than 50 per cent with a reuseable system that restricts hand access
  • Eliminated 100 per cent of mercury-containing equipment from both locations and substituted environmentally-friendly alternatives
  • Reduced the amount of general waste sent to landfill by 30 per cent
  • Established “No Idling” zones for vehicles
  • Incorporated energy efficient materials into the building of our new West Wing at Mississauga, significantly reducing our operating cost
  • Improved the quality of care for our patients and the workplace environment for our employees

Attendance Awareness and Support Program

Maximizing our ability to maintain a healthy and active workforce, Trillium has a comprehensive Attendance Management Program in place designed to promote regular attendance, an essential element to job performance. No one likes to be sick, but when employees are faced with illness, Employee Health , Safety and Wellness works closely with individuals to support them in their return to health and the workplace.

Vaccination Programs

To assist our employees, physicians and volunteers to maintain their health, Trillium coordinates and delivers a highly visible annual flu awareness campaign and offers complimentary flu vaccine through a program designed to meet everyone’s individual schedules. The Employee Health, Safety and Wellness team schedules clinics at both hospital sites throughout the month of November, including daytime, evening and weekend hours. It also offers a traveling vaccine cart, as well as providing vaccine through their office.

Annual Participation in Canada's Healthy Workplace Month

Each year Trillium's Healthy Workplace Council invites all staff, physicians and volunteers to participate in Canada's Healthy Workplace Month. A calendar of events is shared across the organization and sites, including a broad spectrum of employee wellness events (Zumba, Pilates, etc), stress management, lunch and learns, lunch hour walks, contests, etc. It is an opportunity for our senior team to participate in wellness events on the units and interact with all staff.
Casual Fridays
For staff who are not required to wear a uniform, Trillium's standard dress code is business casual. Once a week on "Casual Fridays", we relax our dress code and give employees the opportunity

M.A.S.H. (Meet All Staff Here)

Through payroll deduction, employees can pay an annual fee to participate in the health centre's social club - M.A.S.H. Club members enjoy discounted entertainment tickets such as summer family fun tickets, seasonal events, theatre tickets and discount hotel rates. M.A.S.H. also hosts several events throughout the year, including a summer picnic, a children's Christmas party and a Christmas Dinner and Dance. 
  • Tim Hortons
  • Hasty Market
  • Gift Shop
  • Courtyard Cafeteria
  • Juice for Life
  • Pharma Plus / Queensmed Pharmacy
  • Druxy's
  • Queensway Orthotic Centre
  • Virtual One Financial
  • Health Information and Wellness Centre
  • ATMs