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Please contact the Student Services coordinator within the education office to confirm your placement details at the hospital. Once confirmed, your placement coordinator will send you all of the necessary paperwork to begin your onboarding process to the hospital.​

Paty Callaghan - Pre-Clerkship Coordinator & Student Liaison Mississauga Hospital
René deHooge - Pre-Clerkship Coordinator & Student Liaison Credit Valley Hospital
Renata Leko  Scheduling Coordinator & Student Liaison, Diagnostic Imaging Radiology, Medicine & Emergency Medicine
Yvonne McVeigh  Scheduling Coordinator & Student Liaison, Surgery, Anesthesia, Otolaryngology & Ophthalmology
Sylvia Muir – FMTU Scheduling Coordinator, Credit Valley Hospital FMTU/Family Medicine Credit Valley Hospital
Kay Pantarotto, Scheduling Coordinator & Student Liaison, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Paediatrics, Pathology/Genetics/Lab
Allison Shin, Student Placement Coordinator