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 Resources for Patients


At The Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre
Patient Resource Centre
A variety of handouts on many cancer related topics is available to you in the patient resource centre. Topics include types of cancer, community resources, advanced care planning, and symptom management. There is a computer with internet access in the area for you to use as well.
You can also find many different books in the Cancer Patient Education Collection which can be found at the Health Sciences Library at the Credit Valley Hospital of Trillium Health Partners. The library is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. It is located in room 2564, right across from the Dean M. Sane Auditorium.

The Be Active! Program offers Regional Cancer Centre patients a one-on-one exercise consultation. An exercise professional from the Wellspring Cancer Exercise Program will meet with you to:

  • Provide you information on how to exercise safely.
  • Educate you on modifications that may be recommended for your specific type of cancer or treatment.
  • Teach proper technique for stretching, checking your pulse and deciding how intense your exercise should be.
  • Help you develop an exercise plan and goals to increase your chances of success.
  • Connect you to community resources for exercise.

To inquire about or book a Be Active! Consultation, ask a member of your health care team or call: (905) 813-1100 x4862.

Patient Education and Support Sessions
The Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre has many educational sessions and support sessions for you and your family and friends. Below is the list of sessions offered and a brief description of each. If you have questions about any of the sessions below please call 905-813-1100 ex. 4862. To download current Calendar of Events, please click here.

Be Informed: Resources for Your Cancer Journey (1 Hour)
A member of the Psychosocial team will teach you and your family/friends the following:

  • Important information about emotional, psychological, and practical challenges during your cancer journey
  • Resources you can use in the community and here at The Peel Regional Cancer Centre
  • Support

All patients and family/friends are welcome.

Chemotherapy Education Class
(1.5 Hours)
Members of the health care team will teach the following topics:

  • what to expect during your chemotherapy treatment
  • common side effects
  • strategies to help prevent and manage possible side effects

All patients and family/friends are welcome.

The Coping Clinic
This program has three parts:

Part 1: Managing the Stress of Living with Cancer

  • You will learn ways to help manage stress so you feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Part 2: The Emotional Effects of Cancer

  • You will learn to better understand and manage negative feelings

Part 3: Social Support and Communication

  • You will learn ways to communicate better and get the support you need

Each part is three 2-hour sessions. To attend Part 2 you must attend Part 1.

Financial Clinic (30 minutes – 1 Hour)
A social worker will meet with you to help you find out whether you may be able to receive money from:

  • Short and/or long term disability pensions from your employer
  • Insurance policies
  • Government financial programs
  • Private charity foundations

The Breathing Wellness Clinic
(1.5 hours)
In this “hands-on” session a nurse will teach you the following:

  • What can cause difficulties with breathing
  • How to prevent and manage difficulty with breathing

All patients and family/friends are welcome.

Nutrition and Radiation Therapy
(1 hour)

A dietitian will give you tips about:

  • Healthy eating and fluid intake during radiation treatment
  • Managing your diet to help decrease common side effects
  • Natural health products during your radiation treatment

All radiation patients and family/friends are welcome.

Cancer and Women’s Sexual Health
(2 Hours)
A social worker, psychologist and nurse will teach the following topics:

  • How cancer impacts sexuality
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Sexual attitudes and beliefs
  • Communication with your partner

Next Steps: Life After Cancer
(2.5 hours)
Members of the health care team will teach the following topics:

  • Your care and health care team after cancer
  • The emotional, psychological, and spiritual concerns after cancer
  • Long lasting and late side effects
  • Health living after cancer

All patients who have finished their chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as surgery, are welcome. Family and  loved ones are welcome too.

Living Well Beyond Cancer (2 Hours)
This six-week program is for women who have finished treatment for breast cancer. The program is led by peer leader volunteers trained by the Canadian Cancer Society who will teach the following:

  • Skills to help you make the best of your life after cancer.

The program includes a free resource book.

Wellspring Cancer Exercise Program
(1.5 Hours)
A 30-week exercise program for cancer patients that is lead by professionals who

  • Assess your exercise needs
  • Give you your own exercise plan
  • Supervise you in group exercise classes
  • Give you a plan to help you start exercising by yourself after the Program

This program is held at Wellspring.

Look Good Feel Better (2 Hours)
This workshop is for women living with cancer. It based upon the idea that a woman living with cancer can be helped to look good, which will help her feel good about herself. Trained volunteers teach the following:

  • Ways to manage hair loss
  • Ways to care for your skin and nails

To register for the Look Good Feel Better classes, please call: 905-813-1100 ext. 6930.

Resources in the Community
The booklet Oncology Guide to Reliable Resources has excellent information about resources in the community.