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 Your Health Care Team


Through your time at The Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre, you will meet many different health care professionals who will be part of your health care team. Each person’s health care team will be different. Below is a list and description of many of the professionals that you may meet during your time here.

Oncologists are doctors who focus in treating people with cancer.  Depending on your type of cancer and the treatment that you may need, you may meet a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist, or palliative care doctor. You and your oncologist will create a specific treatment plan and follow up care plan. 

Oncology nurses are registered nurses who have skills and knowledge in caring for people with cancer. These nurses can support your physical, emotional and psychological needs. They also help you in managing your care during your time in the cancer centre and they are experts in giving chemotherapy. 

Clinical trials nurses are registered nurses with a focus in oncology and research. Clinical trials nurses will help you manage your care if you consent to take part in a clinical trial.

Advanced practice nurses are registered nurses who provide in-depth physical, emotional and practical nursing care to patients and families affected by cancer.

Radiation therapists Healthcare professionals trained to plan and deliver radiation treatment. They are able to provide you with education and support during your treatment.

Medical physicists Professionals working closely with the radiation oncologists and radiation therapists in the planning and delivery of radiation therapy treatments. They monitor and maintain all radiation treatment machines and review all treatment plans before treatment begins.

Oncology Pharmacists work as part of your healthcare team to get your chemotherapy ready making sure your chemotherapy is safe and effective. They also meet with you to give you information about your specific chemotherapy regimen, counseling about the side effects you may have along with strategies on how to best manage and/or prevent them. They will discuss with you if any of the other medications you take may affect how well your chemotherapy works. They can also give you information and guidance about natural health products.

Medication Access Specialist/Drug Navigator can help you understand how your medication coverage works and what options may be available to you during your cancer treatments.

Dietitians Healthcare professionals who assess your diet and nutritional needs and can offer you information on healthy eating during cancer treatment. They can help you manage treatment related side effects that may affect your ability to eat well and provide you with information on the use of natural health products and oral nutrition supplements.

Psychosocial Oncology Team is a group of health care professionals from Psychology and Social Work. They help patients cope with the many practical and emotional needs they may have during their cancer journey. Some of the problems that they can help with include distress, worry, trouble sleeping, low mood, financial concerns and contacting other resources in the community.

Unit Clerks Individuals who schedule your appointments. You will see unit clerks before and after each of your appointments.

Hospital Chaplain and volunteer assistants can meet with you, your family, and your loved ones if you have any spiritual and emotional concerns. They can talk to you about the meaning of life, spirituality, grief issues, individual experiences and feelings.

Students/Residents Individuals in training for any of the professions above. You may meet them at any time during your treatments.

Volunteers Community members who give their time to help our patients. Volunteers can guide you through The Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre. They can also help you to find resources in the Patient Resource Centre.