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 Heart Function Clinic

Heart Function Clinic - Queensway Health Centre

The Heart Function Clinic provides outpatient follow up care and education to patients with Congestive Heart Failure. The programs in the clinic include the Check-Up Program, Infusion Program and Beta Blockade Program. The clinic has proven to be effective in increasing the quality of life for patients and decreasing their utilization of acute care services.

Infusion Program
Patients receive a six hour inotrope infusions once a week for six weeks. Inotropes administered include either Milrinone, Dobutamine or a combination of the two. A multi-disciplinary team delivers education on diet, medication, activity and stress management.

Follow-up Program
After completing their infusion program, patients are seen in the Follow-up Program for five weeks. Cardiac assessment is conducted and a report is sent to the family physician and cardiologist.

Check-up Program
Patient visits include a comprehensive cardiac assessment, lab work, electrocardiogram and the administration of an IV diuretic if required. Visits are scheduled weekly as necessary. Education is provided for the patient/family by a multi-disciplinary team.

Education Program
Patients receive one-to-one teaching in one hour sessions once a week for five weeks. A multidisciplinary health care team delivers education on diet, medications, activity, and stress management.

Beta Blockade Program
A select subset of patients are monitored in the clinic during initiation and uptitration of Beta Blocker medical therapy.