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 Autism Services

We provide assessment services at our Mississauga Hospital site to determine eligibility for receipt of autism services. For those who qualify, a course of Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is offered to assist with the child's adjustment within the family and preschool setting, and to aid in the transition to school.

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)… We have six teams offering IBI, with each comprised of a Senior therapist and seven full-time instruction therapists.

Each child receives approximately 20 hours of therapy per week.

Who we Help

Autism Intervention Services is a program for children who have a diagnosis within the Autism Spectrum of Disorders, and who reside in the Central West Region of Ontario.


This service is community-based and functions from two sites: Brampton and Mississauga. The teams provide IBI in homes, daycare facilities, and in the small 'in-centre' facilities.

Contact Information

For more information call (905) 855-3557

For more information on the government’s reform to the Ontario Autism Program, please visit: