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 Regional Paediatric Patient Care Unit

Paediatric Patient Care Unit - Credit Valley Hospital

  • Physical capacity is increasing from 16 to 32 beds on the patient care unit over the next 3 years
  • A large children's playroom is a focal point of the space
  • Majority of inpatients are admitted from the Emergency Department
  • Paediatric family resource centre
  • The average length of stay in the paediatric patient care unit is 2.1 days
  • The average age of a patient is 2 years
  • Therapeutic clown to support our child-friendly hospital direction

The health care paediatric care unit includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, social worker, psychologist and other team members. They work in partnership with the family to coordinate their services to provide care. Paediatric patients cared for are from birth to 19 years of age.

From the beautiful playroom to daybeds for parents, it is evident that a child-friendly atmosphere is a priority.

Child Life Specialist

The Child Life Specialist offers psychosocial support for infants, children, youth and families experiencing stressful life events, particularly as they relate to health care experiences. The Child Life program at Credit Valley Hospital strives to:

  • Promote coping through play, preparation, education and self-expression
  • Promote optimum development of infants, children and youth,
  • Maintain normal living patterns, and
  • Help alleviate the stress and anxiety children and their families may encounter as a result of the hospitalization/health care experiences

Child Life Specialists provide opportunities for therapeutic and diversional play, prepare children for and assist children during medical tests and procedures through education, rehearsal, and coping skill development, and support families during hospitalization or challenging events.

Video by our Child Life Specialist:

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Kids at the Hospital:

Vivi and her Operation

click to watch Vivi and her operation video


Due to the high incidence of infectious disease in children, patients requiring isolation often occupy the private rooms. However, every effort is made to accommodate patient requests and those reflecting their insurance coverage.

Each room includes a daybed to accommodate one parent to stay overnight for each patient.

Therapeutic Clown

“Clowns are the embodiment of hope in the face of hopelessness, and possibility in the face of the impossible,”-
Jan Henderson

Bug is the Therapeutic Clown at Trillium Health Partners- Credit Valley Hospital (THP-CVH) site. She joined the multi-disciplinary paediatric team in 2011. Bug offers therapeutic support to children, youth and their families using spontaneous humour, creative expression, art, drama, music and play to minimize stress during hospitalization and treatment.

Therapeutic Clowning is a unique and effective therapeutic intervention, working within a child-centred model, Bug offers choice, control and a sense of empowerment to paediatric patients. Bug‘s role is one of normalizing children’s lives during their stay. She helps to create a safe play space in a changing and unfamiliar environment. Children and youth are often unable to express themselves with words alone, but through play, they communicate their wants, needs, fears, hopes, and dreams. Therapeutic clowning brings something unique to the floors of the hospital- a lightness and joy, laughter and distraction, coping skills and self-expression.

Bug is specially trained in the health care field, with a MA in Creative Arts Therapies-Drama Therapy, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Child Play Therapy.  Other than her flowered-polka-dot-Therapeutic –Clown hat, she wears a few other hats- Michelle Baer is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and a Canadian Certified Counsellor, providing her with exceptional skills in working with children, youth and their families during challenging times. Bug would be delighted to meet you during your stay at Trillium Health Partners- Credit Valley Hospital. Please contact her with any questions or to request a Therapeutic Clown visit at

POKE program

The Poke Program is an initiative for children admitted to hospital aimed at making procedures – such as IV starts and bloodwork – a more positive experience. Given that parents/caregivers know their child best, we ask them to fill out a “Poke Plan”, to give us their input on what we can do to help their child best cope with difficult procedures. By identifying preferred comfort holds/position, distraction and other pain management techniques, we give families a voice and a choice around their child’s care. The Poke Program is designed to involve families in their child’s care, establish trust and to create a caring relationship with their healthcare team.


Paediatric Patient Care Unit is located in the new Erin Mills Women's and Children's health Centre at the Credit Valley Hospital - A block, Level 2 (Flower zone).
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