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 Specialized Geriatric Services

Seniors Health Services

 The Credit Valley Hospital and Mississauga Hospital offers a range of health services to older adults including:
  • Seniors’ Health Clinics
  • Falls Prevention and Bone Health Program (Strong and Steady)
  • Regional* Continence Education for the Community
  • Regional* Continence Clinics
  • Regional* Continence Home Visits
  • Regional Seniors’ Health Outreach Services
  • Seniors’ Health Internal Consult Team
Our aim is to enhance or maintain the health status and quality of life of older adults in our community who have complex medical issues that cannot be met within existing community services.
A specialized team that includes Geriatricians, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers and Pharmacists, provides services in a hospital setting, ambulatory clinic setting or in the person’s home.
Our services include:
  • Consultation
  • Assessment
  • Treatment Initiation
  • Education
  • Follow up
Seniors Health Initiative
The program is part of our organization’s overall vision to develop a full range of specialized geriatric services for seniors in our community. The population is aging and the growth rate in the communities of Mississauga and West Toronto is increasing above the provincial average. By working together with our community partners to implement patient-centred care services, the Seniors Health Initiative will address an important need in our community.
The goal of the services is that with specialized, integrated and coordinated clinical care, seniors in our community and beyond will experience an enhanced quality of life and live more independent, healthy lives.
How to Make a Referral
Referrals to Seniors’ Health Services are only accepted from physicians with the exception of Regional Continence Education and Regional Continence Clinics.
For more information about our services, please contact our office at 416-521-4090 or toll free 1-888-271-2742.  The referral form can be filled-in on screen, printed and signed OR can be printed, filled-in by hand, and signed.  Completed form can be faxed to 416-521-4116.
* Regional programs provide services to the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network catchment area which includes the communities of: Halton Hills, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, and South Etobicoke.
Seniors Mental Health
We provide assessments, treatment and management for clients who reside in Mississauga and the southwest Etobicoke area. This includes consultation and education for clients, families and caregivers. Coordination with family physicians, family members and other health care providers and community partners is an essential component of our service.

Out-patient and Outreach


This program provides comprehensive psychiatric assessments and psychosocial intervention for seniors who live in south Toronto or Mississauga and who are at risk of requiring admission to hospital for psychiatric treatment. Individuals under 65 who are diagnosed with an early onset mental health illness may also be eligible for the program.
Out-patient and outreach services can be accessed through the out-patient clinic, or through the outreach program which is provided in the individual’s place of residence (private home, long term care home or retirement home).
The service also provides consultation and education for clients, families and other professionals involved in the care of the individual. Services are provided by geriatric psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner, nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists
Referrals: Referral by physician only.
Information/Intake: 416-521-4006
Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant Program
The Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant provides consultation, education and program development for staff in long term care facilities, Community Care Access Centres and community support services in Mississauga. The education focuses on knowledge, skill, and techniques required to deal with complex mental health needs and associated behaviours of their clients and residents.
Information/Request for Service: 416-259-7580 ext.5497
Prior to being seen by the Geriatric Psychiatrist, our team will arrange assessments for clients in their place of residence or our clinic. Appointments with our Geriatric Psychiatrists and clinical teams can be arranged in the following locations:
  • Outreach to private residences
  • Outreach to retirement homes
  • Outreach to long term care facilities
  • Our clinic, located at Queensway Health Centre
Assessments are also provided by our nurse practitioner for seniors who are:
  • Frail, medically complex with multiple health conditions
  • Repeatedly utilizing the emergency room.
As part of our continuum of care we offer follow up to clients discharged from our Seniors Mental Health Inpatient Unit (SMHU) to our community.
Referral Criteria
We are pleased to accept referrals to Seniors Mental Health Services from physicians for seniors who:
  • Require assessment and/or management of mental health issue including mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis, progressive cognitive disorder and/or substance use disorder.
  • Are frail, medically complex with serious chronic mental health and/or behavioural disorder secondary to cognitive impairment caused by a degenerative illness.
Individuals under 65 requiring assessment and/or management as described above will be considered for on an individual basis.
You can download our referral form here, or contact:
Mental Health Intake
Phone: 416-521-4006
Fax: 416-521-4020

Seniors Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Queensway Health Centre's 10 bed Seniors Mental Health Unit provides specialized psychiatric assessment, treatment and interventions for individuals over the age of 65 who are experiencing an acute mental health issue.
This specialized unit is led by a geriatric psychiatrist and staffed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of nurses, social workers, occupational therapist, recreation therapist and personal support workers. The goal of the unit is to manage behaviors associated with a psychiatric illness by providing assessments, and treatments, with the goal to return the individual back to the community or long term care facility. Prior to discharge, the team assists in the coordination of community supports by ensuring that services are coordinated in the community to ensure a smooth transition back to their home.
Referral: Patients are admitted to the Seniors Mental Health Unit based on the assessment and recommendation of a Trillium Health Partners-affiliated psychiatrist.

Our Academic Affiliations

Our programs are committed to and value our academic affiliations and partnerships with the University of Toronto and McMaster University. 
Robert MushetHelping Seniors Live Their Best Quality of Life
At age 81, Robert Mushet lives alone in a home
he has owned for 55 years. A widower who has Parkinson’s disease, he lives independently with the support of Mississauga Hospital's Seniors Health Program.
Worried about his health, Robert’s daughter, Shirley, contacted his family doctor who referred him to our program. A Mississauga Hospital geriatrician, advanced practice nurse and occupational therapist assessed what Robert needs to stay active and remain at home.
With strong family support, assistance from community resources and Mississauga Hospital's Seniors Health Program, Robert lives comfortably and safely at home.
For a referral, speak with your family doctor.
For more information on our seniors health services, call 905.848.7507.