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 Christine Plaza

Christine Plaza, BDes

Manager, Strategic Design & Knowledge Translation, Institute for Better Health


With almost 10 years of experience working as an industrial designer in health systems research, Christine is passionate about how human-centred design and design-thinking can be applied in health care to improve outcomes and the experiences of both patients and providers.

At the Institute for Better Health, Christine is leading the design of novel and approachable knowledge translation tools to activate, enable and share research across the organization and community.

Christine has managed the design, implementation and testing of several initiatives at Trillium Health Partners and the University Health Network that explore how data can be shared in meaningful ways to impact health behaviours, including the collection and dissemination of real-time patient and provider satisfaction using web-based applications and awareness campaigns to improve hand hygiene and flu vaccination rates.

Christine has collaborated on projects with Phillips, Hallmark, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. She is an invited lecturer at the University of Toronto and has led several sessions on design and design thinking tools and their applicability to health care. Her work has appeared in the Boston Globe and Toronto Star.

What brought you here?

My mission is to use design as an enabler for positive impact and change. I am driven by the possibility of improving the human experience in health care. After spending several years in an academic health care setting, I was drawn to THP to be a part of unique team with a shared passion for improving health care in one of Canada’s largest community-based hospitals.