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 THP Volunteer Board


January 31st 2017, Trillium Health Partners Volunteers including Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre volunteer groups are announcing the formation of a new Volunteer Board of Directors to facilitate representation of all three locations.

The new THP Volunteer Board has been created to blend volunteers from each site along with adding new outside individuals to create a dynamic organization that supports and strengthens the needs of our growing hospital volunteers.

As a working board, it is the Volunteer Board of Directors’ role partnering with the Department of Volunteer Resources to ensure that volunteer strategic priorities are aligned to support the mission and strategic direction of Trillium Health Partners. The Board is represented by volunteers who meet formally once a month but who contribute many more hours behind the scenes to create volunteer engagement initiatives including education for youth and adults, leadership training and fundraising for the hospital.

Susan Larkin, President of the new THP Volunteer Board states “I am pleased to be able to represent over 2000 volunteers who excel in volunteer excellence with a strong commitment to the hospital’s community. With this new Board we hope to meet the growing needs of the hospital to enhance the overall volunteer and patient experience”.

One of the Board’s first initiatives was to create a new THP Volunteer logo as shown above. In February the Board will survey volunteers from all sites to determine where to allocate future funds raised by volunteers. In March, the Board and Volunteer Resources will be hosting an education social for all volunteers from all sites. Further information about this event on March 23rd, will follow.

In order to develop a strong two-way communication with THP volunteers, a THP Volunteer Board tab on the THP website has been established. (Go to, click on “Volunteers” on the top right hand corner of the THP website, then the THP Volunteer Board tab).This gives information about the members of the THP Volunteer Board, organization structure and their mission statement.

The Board would like to thank all of you for your ongoing contributions to the hospital which are greatly appreciated by staff and patients. Our new Board is looking forward to continuing to work together to ensure your experience at the hospital is a positive one. If you have any questions about the Board, please feel free to contact Susan directly at


click to Volunteer Organizational Chart (pdf)