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 THP Volunteer Board


Trillium Health Partners (THP) is extremely fortunate to have the support of over 2400 volunteers who support our local health care. Actively involved in all 3 sites - Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre – THP Volunteers are often the first point of contact for a person who walks through the doors of the hospital. Volunteers serve in many different roles/departments in the organization.

With a vision of ensuring the best health care volunteer experience in Canada, the THP Volunteers’ Board exists to support and strengthen the contribution of all our hospital volunteers.

Functioning as a working board, the THP Volunteers’ Board partners with the Department of Volunteer Resources to ensure that volunteer strategic priorities are aligned to support the mission and strategic direction of Trillium Health Partners. The Board is comprised of volunteers who meet monthly. In addition, each Board member contributes many more hours behind the scenes to create volunteer engagement initiatives. Designed for both adults and youth, these initiatives include both educational and leadership training, fundraising activities and opportunities to solicit volunteer feedback.

John McKenzie, President of the THP Volunteers’ Board says “I am honoured to represent each and every one of the volunteers at all three of our sites – many whom I’ve met and many more that I look forward to meeting! I’m a strong believer in two-way communication. While listening to the feedback from the volunteers has always been a priority for the Board, as members of the Board, we have both a duty and a great opportunity to share our activities with the volunteer population. The Board recognizes the need to effectively communicate the value of the contribution made by the volunteers to the greater community. Everything we do needs to support the overall volunteer and patient experience”.

The Board would like to thank all volunteers for their ongoing contributions to Trillium Health Partners which are greatly appreciated by staff, patients and their families.

If you have any questions about the Board, please feel free to contact John McKenzie, President THP Volunteers’ Board at