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 Third-Party MRI and CT Scans


Trillium Health Partners is one of the largest and fastest providers of third-party payer Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computerized Tomography exams in Ontario. We provide MRI and CT exams at our state-of-the-art facilities located at our Mississauga Hospital site.

What is a Third-Party Exam?
A third-party exam is an MRI or CT scan, the full cost of which is covered by a non-OHIP payer. Third-party exams are scheduled at times outside of regular hours, which enables us to help patients at times when our MRI and CT machines would otherwise be idle. This shortens wait times for all our patients, and provides revenue to improve clinical and diagnostic services.

Non-OHIP payers include:

  • The Workers Safety Insurance Bureau (WSIB)
  • Insurance companies (as part of motor vehicle or optional health insurance coverage)
  • Employers
  • Occupational Health
  • Professional sports associations
  • Schools
  • Assessment companies

Any individual who has coverage from one of the listed providers may request to have their third-party exam at Trillium Health Centre’s Mississauga site.

Individuals with a valid OHIP card or Provincial Health Card cannot directly pay for an OHIP insured exam

Contact Information

To arrange a third-party MRI or CT exam call our third-party services at 905-848-7499 ext. 1 or 416-670-9644.

Resources for Patients & Their Families

What is the approval process for third-party exams?

There are several different processes for approving third-party exams, depending on your provider:

WSIB (for workplace accidents)

  1. Fill out an MRI requisition with your doctor and fax or email it to the WSIB and Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga Site.
  2. Fill out WSIB Form 6 with your doctor and send it to WSIB.
  3. The WSIB will assign a nurse consultant and case manager.
  4. When you receive a claim number, give it to the hospital.
  5. The hospital will call the WSIB for approval.
  6. When the WSIB provides verbal approval, the hospital will call you to book an exam time.

WSIB exams are usually approved within two days of receiving the claim number.

Insurance (for motor vehicle accidents or option health insurance)

  1. Fill out an MRI requisition with your doctor and fax or email it to the WSIB and Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga Site.
  2. You and your doctor fill out form OCF-18 (Treatment Plan – 5 pages).
  3. Your physician emails or faxes the form to Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) processing – Data Entry Centre (DEC).
  4. The DEC sends it to the insurance company.
  5. The insurance company call the patient with the approval within 10 days.
  6. The patient must ask the insurance company to send to the Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga Site one of the following:
    • OCF-18 Form (signed)
    • Letter from insurance company indicating 100% coverage
    • Trillium third-party service agreement.

Insurance exams are usually approved within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving the OCF-18, letter or Third Party Service Agreement.

Employer/Occupations Health/Professional Sports Association/School
(for returning to work/school/playing field, continuing to work or hiring/school enrollment)

  • Your doctor sends MRI/CT Requisition to Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga Site.
  • You ask your third party provider to cover costs of exam and sign 3rd Party Service Agreement.
  • The third party provider sends the signed agreement to Trillium Health Centre – Mississauga Site by fax or email.

Employer/Occupations Health/Professional Sports Association/School exams are usually approved within one to two days of receiving the request.

Employer Criteria

  • The company must be incorporated, a corporation, or a limited partnership.
  • The signing officer/manager representing company cannot be related to employee receiving treatment.
  • The patient must sign a form at time of registration stating he/she is not paying directly for exam.
Personal cheques cannot be used to pay for exams.​