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Complex Continuing Care Patient Care Unit

Complex Continuing Care Services

Patients whose medical condition is so complex that they need care by multiple health care disciplines are served through Complex Continuing Care. The patient’s condition may be the result of a chronic or devastating illness marked by impairments in either or both mental and physical function.
The level of support that patients need ranges from significant to total. It may include ventilation, special feeding systems, tracheotomy care, and special pain management.
Our patients are primarily from Peel, Halton and South Etobicoke, with some from Metro Toronto.
Complex Continuing Care works closely with Trillium’s Seniors Health Initiative team.
Our Beds
Complex Continuing Care Services has 86 patient beds – 54 at Mississauga Hospital and 32 at Queensway Health Centre.
The McCall Centre, managed by Extendicare, is a partner in the complex care, and provides an additional 120 beds to Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre.
The Courtyard
The courtyard includes 20 Complex Care beds, 14 long-term rehab beds, and 12 Transitional care beds.
The long-term rehab beds are geared to provide more in-depth rehabilitation, and more extensive therapy for patients whose condition is deemed ‘complex’ (for example, they may be recovering from a significant cardiac event or brain injury). The usual goal is discharge home or to a retirement home. The average length of stay is 60 days.
Patients are usually transferred from acute care unit (within Mississauga Hospital) after being assessed for suitability for the Courtyard environment.