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 Sherman Quan


Sherman Quan, MSc

Innovation Manager, Institute for Better Health


Sherman is a health informatics professional with 12 years of experience in the academic teaching hospital environment.  He possesses a strong understanding of technology, health care processes, and research methods, allowing him to effectively design, implement, and evaluate new models of care enabled through technology. Sherman thinks strategically but also converses in the details, effectively turning business strategy into practical change.  Much of his work involves the exploration of emerging and innovative technology solutions that have the potential to transform patient care.  However, he has made his mark by developing technology solutions to improve clinical communication and collaboration for coordinating complex care. 

Sherman was the recipient of COACH’s Emerging Leader in Health Informatics award in 2006, received a CIHR Graduate Scholarship in 2010, and has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles. 

What brought you here?

Having worked in the Toronto academic teaching hospital environment for the majority of my career, when I was asked to join Trillium Health Partners to help build the Institute for Better Health, the decision was easy. What has kept me here has been the strong leadership that is in place supporting the right vision to transform our healthcare system.


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