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 Visitor Information

Family Support and Visiting

Welcome to Trillium Health Partners. For the comfort and safety of our patients, please read and follow the guidelines listed. For more information, please explore the links on this page.

Visitor Guidelines

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Accessibility for Patients and Visitors

What You Need to Know About Hospital Emergency Codes

Hospital Visiting Tips

  • Keep your visits short…no more than 15 minutes at a time because that length of time will be enough to tire the patient.
  • Limit visitors to two at a time to ensure that the patient and others in the room or on the nursing unit, are not overwhelmed by too much company and too much noise.
  • Friends and family should monitor the number and frequency of visits so that the patient is able to get enough rest. Designate one or two people to visit on behalf of the family and friends.
  • Children are the responsibility of the visitor not the nurses on the unit. Remember, children become bored very quickly. It's much better to have the child send their get well message with the designated visitor.
  • Pocket Talkers are available for individuals who are hard of hearing. Language interpretation services can also be arranged. Please let hospital staff know if you have a specific need.
  • Floral arrangements or fruit baskets may not be appropriate for certain patients. Have the designated visitor check with the nurse.
  • Latex balloons and products are not permitted in the hospital due to possible latex allergies.
  • If you visit when the physician or other health care professionals are with the patient, please excuse yourself.