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 Institute for Better Health


Trillium Health Partners established the Institute for Better Health to help create a new kind of health care for a healthier community. The Institute for Better Health leads research projects that align with the hospital’s goals and supports the advancement of research work across the hospital – all with the intention of improving health and transforming care. Research is happening throughout the hospital, from primary care to medical devices and cardiology to new drug interventions. The Institute for Better Health is focused on systems-based research while building the infrastructure to better support and enable all research at the hospital. We believe that solutions that work within our walls will also work beyond our walls. Being embedded in one of the largest hospitals in Ontario offers exciting opportunities to test solutions that can be adapted to impact health and care in our community, province, country and beyond.

The Institute for Better Health was established in 2014. Watch our launch video here:


A new kind of health care for a healthier community using scientific expertise, innovative approaches and partnerships

We are committed to enabling, producing and sharing meaningful research and innovation through compassion, excellence and courage

Compassion and inclusion of patients, providers and community
Excellence in using scientific evidence, system design and evaluation
Courage to think differently - plan, try, fail, succeed, improve, share

Research at The Institute for Better Health

We are focused on the discovery and implementation of scalable solutions that will produce better outcomes for our patients, community and the health care system as a whole. Guided by Trillium Health Partners’ goals in quality, access and sustainability, our work is focused on:

Quality – Health Services Implementation and Evaluation
Examine how people, organizations and health systems work together to discover areas for improvement.

Access – Patient and Provider Experience
Designing solutions around the needs and preferences of patients, families and providers.

Sustainability – Models of Care Integration and Exploration
Developing new models of delivering care that result in better practice, better outcomes and better experiences.

Our Functional Areas

The Institute for Better Health is comprised of five functional areas: Better Mechanics, Better Projects, Better Insights, Better Exploration and Better Mobilization. Each of these functional areas is essential to the innovative and collaborative research that happens across Trillium Health Partners and the Institute for Better Health.

Better Mechanics​ – Research Operations, Policies and Procedures
Better Projects – IBH Research Support
Better Insights – Data Platforms and Information Exchange
Better Exploration - Early Discovery, Innovations and Pilot Projects 
Better Mobilization – Connect, Enable and Activate Research