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 Changes to Prenatal Screening

Changes to Prenatal Screening

Dear Health Care Provider,

We are pleased to inform you of an upcoming change to the prenatal screening tests offered at Trillium Health Partners.

We will be replacing the First Trimester Screening (FTS) test with an improved test called Enhanced FTS (eFTS). This test adds two additional markers: placental growth factor (PlGF) and first trimester AFP to the current markers PAPP-A, beta-hCG and NT.  

Enhanced FTS has a higher detection rate and a lower false positive rate for Down syndrome than FTS. Therefore, patients will have access to a test in the first trimester whose performance approaches that of Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS). 

*** The NEW proposed model for prenatal screening is to offer eFTS rather than IPS ***

Changes take effect on April 3, 2017. To order eFTS for your patient, simply choose eFTS on the NEW prenatal requisition which can be accessed through our website at:

We will continue to offer IPS for a limited time. After which, all IPS samples will be converted to eFTS.  Second trimester screening will continue to be available to those women who present late in pregnancy.  

eFTS does not screen for open neural tube defects.  However, SOGC guidelines regarding screening for fetal neural tube defects (October 2014) endorses the use of ultrasound (18-20 weeks) for screening of ONTD. 

For additional information on this testing please visit

Questions can be directed to the Prenatal Screening laboratory at (905) 813-4214.

The Prenatal Screening Laboratory
Laboratory Medicine and Genetics Program

(click to see PDF version) New Proposed Prenatal Screening Algorithm