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 Coming to the Hospital


Baby-Friendly Initiative

We know feeling prepared is importantto expectant parents. On this page you’ll find answers to frequently askedquestions about coming to a Trillium Health Partners hospital to have yourbaby, including how to know when it’s time, what to bring with you, and what todo if you have concerns. 

You can find answers to otherquestions about your pregnancy and having your baby in our Before Baby Is Born,Having Your Baby and After Baby is Born pages.

Resources for Patients & Families

Below are answers to some of our mostfrequently asked questions:

How do I know when to come to thehospital?
True Labour and Pre-Labour – What’sthe Difference?
What should I bring to the hospital?
I was sent home from the hospital –How do know when to come back?
What do I do in an emergency?

How do I know when to come to thehospital?

If you are more than 20 weeks pregnantand have any pregnancy concerns or think you are in labour, come to our LabourAssessment Unit.

Come to the Labour Assessment Unit ifat any time you are worried about:

  • Contractions that are strong and occur frequently
  • Your water breaking (Ruptured membranes)
  • Bleeding from your vagina
  • Sudden/constant pain
  • the baby is not moving as often as you are used to
  • any changes in your condition

If you are less than 20 weeks pregnantand have any concerns, please contact your care provider or go directly to yourclosest Emergency Department.

True Labour and Pre-Labour– What’s the Difference?

  True Labour Pre Labour
Contractions: Occur regularly, becoming stronger;
then lasting longer and occurring closer together
Occur irregularly
  Become stronger with walking and continue even if you are resting Often stop with walking or when you lie down
  Usually felt in the back, radiating to lower portion of abdomen Can be felt in the back and abdomen above the navel
  Continuing despite use of comfort measures (such as massage, relaxation techniques or a warm shower/bath) Often stop by use of comfort measures
  True Labour Pre Labour
Cervix: Presence of bloody show indicates progressive changes of the cervix (softening, thinning, and dilatation) Bloody show may occur with no significant change of the cervix

You will be admitted to Birthing Suite once you are in active labour. If you are in early labour you may be sent back home with information on when to return.

What should I bring to the hospital?

For Mom:

  • yourhealth card
  • extrainsurance information (if applicable)
  • pento fill out forms
  • discardableunderwear
  • personalhygiene products
  • maxipads/maternity pads
  • twopillows
  • breastfeedingpillow (optional)
  • lipgloss / or balm
  • massageoils
  • partner'sswimsuit if joining you in shower or tub
  • camerawith extra batteries and film (or memory card)
  • videoand/ or digital video camera (optional)
  • taperecorder or CD player with batteries and music for relaxation options
  • yourpersonalized focal point
  • freezies(labeled with your name)
  • breathfreshener, toothpaste and toothbrushes for you and partner
  • housecoatand slippers
  • socks
  • snacksfor partner (vending machines available 24 hours)

For Baby:

  • diapers
  • babywipes
  • blankets
  • severaloutfits (optional, there are also hospital gowns available)
  • mildbaby soap
  • hat/babybonnet
  • mittens, socks or booties

I was sent home from the hospital –How do know when to come back?

Regardless of how much or how littletime has passed since you have been sent home from hospital, please return tothe hospital if you experience any one of the following:

  • Your contractions are getting closer and stronger or
  • Your contractions are every five minutes from the beginningof one contraction to the beginning of the next, lasting 50-60 seconds
  • If you feel sudden or constant pain in your abdomen
  • If your water is leaking
  • If you are worried about yourself or the baby
  • There is a change in how your baby is moving
  • If you have any bright red vaginal bleeding

What do I do in anemergency?

Call 911 if:

You have heavy bleeding from your vagina(soaking more than one pad)
You feel the baby coming and you feel like pushing
If you feel fullness or something "hanging" from your vagina