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 Forensic services


Survivors are provided with a comprehensive explanation of the forensic options, which include:

  • The collection and release of forensic evidence to police with your consent
  • The collection and storage of forensic evidence at the hospital pending your decision about reporting to police ( evidence is stored up to 6 months) *
  • Reporting the assault to police without the collection of forensic evidence.
  • No forensic evidence collection and no report to police.

*If you decide to report the assault to the police at a later time you must let the police know that your kit is being stored at Chantel’s Place.

For Sexual Assault clients:

  • The Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (SAEK) as designed by the Centre of Forensic Sciences is used to collect forensic evidence up to twelve days post-sexual assault.
  • Forensic documentation is done using the forms provided in the SAEK.
  • Photo-documentation and body-map diagrams of injuries when applicable.
  • Procedures are followed to address contamination of evidence issues.

For Domestic Violence clients:

  • Forensic evidence such as clothing (and other items) will be appropriately collected and documented (based on the history).
  • Forensic documentation will be done using the Domestic Violence Documentation Tool.
  • Photo-documentation and body-map diagrams of injuries when applicable.