• 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners
  • 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners
  • 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners
  • 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners
  • 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners
  • 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners
  • 2023-24 Annual
    Community Report
    Trillium Health Partners

  • Messages from
    our Leaders
    2023-24 Annual Community Report

A Message from our Board Chairs and CEOs

We are pleased to share the 2023-24 Annual Report for Trillium Health Partners (THP), highlighting important advancements in the delivery of high quality, compassionate care for patients and families, while achieving key milestones as we build the future of health care for our community. Over the past year, we achieved the highest standing of quality care by Accreditation Canada, with an exemplary score of 99.7%. We introduced new programs that only a handful of specialized regional hospitals can deliver, including some of the world’s most highly-specialized services in cardiac, stroke, and women’s and children’s care. We implemented artificial intelligence into our services to improve access to care and support for our health care providers. We created more partnerships than ever before to support care being delivered closer to home, and to create a complete and inclusive system of care that reduces health inequities.

We made tremendous progress on Trillium HealthWorks, Canada’s largest health infrastructure renewal project by opening a new parkade and breaking ground on the expansion of the future home of The Gilgan Family Queensway Health Centre. We completed construction and celebrated the opening of Wellbrook Place, a new long-term care home operated by Partners Community Health. We began early preparations for the future home of The Peter Gilgan Mississauga Hospital and announced a new women’s and children’s hospital that will be the first of its kind in Ontario. These are just a few of the important milestones we celebrated this year that will move us forward in our commitment to enhancing health care infrastructure, services, and experiences for the community.

For the second consecutive year, THP was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals by Research Infosource Inc., placing us among the nation’s leading research institutions and emphasizing the essential role hospitals play in advancing health care. We are one of the largest academic teaching hospitals in the country, focused on developing the next generation of health care providers to meet the needs of the growing and aging communities of Mississauga and West Toronto. We are advancing excellence through teaching and team-based learning, setting a new standard of excellence in health care leadership, and supporting continuous growth, mentorship, and development.

THP’s achievements would not be possible without the deep generosity of more than 60,000 donors in the community who contributed an incredible $112 million in gifts and commitments over the past year. That total includes a monumental donation from the Shah Family Foundation to support the future Shah Family Hospital for Women and Children. Long-time supporters Brent and Jodie Cator graciously donated $10 million to THP’s Diagnostic Imaging program, which will more than double imaging services, increase access, and reduce wait times. In addition, the annual Hazel McCallion Walk for Health and the Trillium Diwali Gala both achieved record results. These contributions from community members, supporting organizations, corporations, and THP teams are helping us realize our vision.

THP is people-centred at its core. We are deeply thankful to all our highly-skilled and dedicated staff, nurses, physicians, learners, volunteers, donors, and community partners for their unwavering support and dedication. This year, THP has continued to invest in training, development and supports to ensure every member of our team can realize their full potential. Embedded in our focus is our commitment to be an inclusive organization that proactively works to dismantle all forms of racism and promotes equity of opportunity and growth for all. We have continued to invest in digital tools and equipment to enable our teams as they reach new heights in improving the delivery of high-quality care and exceptional patient experiences. Thank you to every member of the team at THP for your continued demonstration of courage, compassion and excellence in all that you do.

At THP, we are committed to providing a healing and supportive environment where everyone feels safe and respected. Our dedication to delivering the highest quality of care, delivered within a connected care system, is deeply focused on the needs of the community’s overall health. It’s a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

Christine Magee
Board Chair,
Trillium Health Partners

Karli Farrow
President and CEO,
Trillium Health Partners

Paul Sabourin
Board Chair,
Trillium Health Partners Foundation

Caroline Riseboro
President and CEO,
Trillium Health Partners Foundation

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A Message from our Chief of Staff and
Chief Nursing Executive

Patients and people are the focus of everything we do at THP. As one of the busiest hospitals in Canada, we had more than 1.72 million patient visits over the past year. To meet the needs of the growing community, we hired over 1,900 staff, close to 800 nurses, granted privileges to 165 new professional staff, and implemented new tools and technology across our sites.

We work to ensure the best experience for every patient who comes through our doors by providing expert, compassionate care, in a comfortable and restorative environment. Our dedicated teams of health care professionals are here to support those who need us every step of the way by listening to their concerns, explaining treatments, and involving patients and their caregivers in care decisions. We launched the MyChart patient portal to help patients access their health information quickly and easily.

The wellbeing of patients, improving the health of the community, and providing an environment of continuous learning for THP’s health care providers of today and tomorrow are our top priorities. With our progress on Trillium Healthworks, Canada’s largest health care infrastructure renewal project, we are dedicated to working alongside our health system partners to increase services for the community.

Looking ahead, we are continuing to collaborate and innovate – both inside and outside the hospital – to build a system of care that supports a stronger and healthier community that meets our patients’ unique and complex health needs. Our partnerships are instrumental in increasing our capacity to provide integrated care and extending THP's reach into the community. Collaborating with Partners Community Health, we celebrated the opening of Wellbrook Place, a new 632-bed long-term care home. In partnership with CANES Community Care, THP@home connected patients with supports in the community, helping them return home sooner, and preventing hospital readmission. A temporary, multi-disciplinary clinic provided dedicated support to children and youth during the height of cold and flu season, ensuring patients received timely and appropriate care.

Our academic partnerships with the University of Toronto Mississauga and the Mississauga Academy of Medicine are educating the next generation of health care provider. We increased our nursing staff and continue to invest in training programs for our health care professionals to address patients’ increasingly complex needs. We established a governance committee focused on innovation, research, and education at THP to enhance patient care in collaboration with our research partners at Institute for Better Health.

We extend heartfelt thanks to the dedicated teams of staff, professional staff, learners, and volunteers for their commitment to supporting patients and their families. We have marked remarkable accomplishments together. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue shaping a health care system that leaves no one behind.

Dr. Joan Murphy
Interim Chief of Staff,
Trillium Health Partners

Terri Irwin
Chief Nursing Executive,
Trillium Health Partners

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  • Building a
    Healthier Community
    2023-24 Annual Community Report

Delivering High Quality Care

Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience

At Trillium Health Partners (THP), we see each patient holistically: body, mind, and spirit. We are dedicated to supporting patients in their health journey and improving each patient’s experience. The launch of our MyChart patient portal put patients at the centre of their care by providing access to their patient record, medications, appointments, test results, and visit summaries.

Feedback from patients and families is vital in our pursuit of excellence. Over the past year we launched a new digital patient experience survey that we can distribute to patients by email, text message, and QR code. Following their visit, patients can respond to the survey and share feedback and advice directly with THP in real time. Our teams can access the survey feedback immediately to understand trends and patterns, giving them better insight into a patient’s overall experience, and highlighting opportunities for improvement. The survey responses help drive operational excellence and our quality improvement initiatives, helping us continually refine and improve how we deliver care based on what patients tell us they need. To date, more than 24,000 responses have helped us achieve an overall patient satisfaction score of 8.8 out of 10.

Patients tell us they appreciate the communication, respect, and coordination of health care services they receive at THP. We are working to improve where patients have told us we can do better: emotional support, involvement in decision-making, and easing discomfort and symptoms.

We help thousands of patients receive medical care in their language of choice by using an app to connect with medically trained interpreters. This language interpretation service ensures patients can communicate with the nurses, doctors, and health care professionals involved in their care.

We also engage with more than 70 patient and family partners who have used our services so we can incorporate the feedback and insights they give us through their participation in projects and initiatives. Their feedback helps guide us in enhancing our care offerings and refining our design and change process to ensure the best patient experience possible.

First Y-90 Treatment Performed at THP: Providing Access to the Best Cancer Care Close to Home

We continue to work together to identify innovative treatment options to patients by integrating care between clinical teams within the hospital to bring high quality care closer to home. In March, the Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine teams at Mississauga Hospital achieved a major milestone by performing the first Transarterial Radioembolization Procedure (Y-90) at THP.

Y-90 radioembolization is a minimally invasive type of radiation therapy that involves the injection of a radioactive isotope directly into a patient’s liver. Interventional radiologists perform an angiogram of the liver and carefully inject microspheres – tiny glass particles containing the isotope – into the part of the liver containing cancer cells. This technique allows for precise targeting of cancerous liver tumour cells while avoiding healthy liver tissue. This targeted treatment aims to treat the disease, prolong lives, and enhance quality of life, or enable a patient to receive a liver transplant, potentially curing their disease entirely. The treatment has several advantages over other liver cancer treatments, including avoiding in-hospital treatment and having fewer toxic side effects.

Combining our efforts to meet patient’s health care needs exemplifies how our teams embed coordinated, people-centered care into each unique patient experience. Offering minimally invasive procedures such as Y-90 at THP means patients continue to receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place – in their community.

THP Completes over 200 EVT Procedures

THP is the regional stroke and neurosurgical centre for Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, and Dufferin County. We are one of only 10 hospital neurosurgical centres in Ontario that performs the Endovascular Therapy procedure (EVT), a minimally invasive technique that significantly increases survival rates and minimizes potential brain damage for patients who have had a stroke.

THP’s team of skilled neurologists and neurosurgeons collaborate to provide EVT, which involves navigating through a patient's artery, accessed from the groin, to remove a blood clot in the brain. This technique yields remarkable results, with a staggering 50 per cent reduction in patient mortality rates and significant improvements in patient recovery, enabling many to resume normal daily activities and work.

THP completes over 200 of these life-saving procedures annually. We are one of two centres in Canada who bring patients from our region directly into the operating suite for EVT procedures to expedite treatment and save as many brain neurons as possible from being damaged. THP neurologists use artificial intelligence (AI) brain imaging analysis software, along with other clinical diagnostic tools, to rapidly identify patients who have a high chance of benefiting from this procedure. EVT can be performed up to 24 hours after the onset of stroke symptoms, expanding the opportunity for treatment from what was previously a six-hour window.

THP is one of seven hospitals that performs the EVT procedure on a 24/7 basis. We partner with Peel and Toronto Emergency Medical Services triage, transport and redirection, other hospitals via CritiCall Ontario, and the Diagnostic Imaging team to improve our system of early stroke care, providing more efficient access to endovascular therapy for eligible patients. By embracing innovative approaches like EVT, we are revolutionizing stroke care, ensuring swift intervention, and optimal outcomes for patients.

Partnering for Integrated Care

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Response Service

THP is shaping a new kind of mental health care by creating a health system that enables prevention, early detection, patient-centred treatment, equity, and ongoing support. THP partners with several community agencies to focus on mental health system redesign and transformation.

Community partners, patients, and families work together to identify system gaps and co-design new service models. As part of the work, an expanded Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Response Service launched in February. This service has already supported more than 90 children and youth, as well as their families, with improved access to mental health supports in partnership with their primary care providers.

This service provides timely and accessible follow-up care with a team of mental health practitioners that includes psychiatry, case managers for triage and intake, nurse practitioners, social workers, and child and youth counsellors. The program provides a comprehensive clinical assessment, safety planning, medication reviews, education about mental health, and support navigating the mental health care system. If a child or teen needs our help after visiting our Emergency Department or being discharged from our inpatient mental health unit, we are here for them.

This important work is supported by donations from the WB Family Foundation, Longo Family Foundation, and funding from Ontario Health, and in partnership with the Institute of Better Health. We are working with community partners to make this service available directly to communities across Peel Region.

“THP’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Response Service was developed to address challenges related to timely access to mental health services for children and youth in Peel Region with crisis and urgent mental health needs. We are so grateful to our community donors and Ontario Health for their funding and support to address the child and youth mental health needs in our community. We are also continuing to work with our community partners and local school boards to further enhance the service and ensure that the children and youth of Mississauga receive the care they need in the right place, at the right time.”

– Dr. Karen Petruccelli, Division Head of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Trillium HealthWorks: Building a New Kind of Health Care

Trillium HealthWorks is the largest health infrastructure renewal plan in Canada's history and is essential to meeting the community's future health care needs. We achieved significant milestones over the past year, starting with the opening of Wellbrook Place, two modern long-term care homes with 632 single-occupancy bedrooms, operated by Partners Community Health, a not-for-profit, charitable organization. Wellbrook Place added much needed capacity to the long-term care system for the rapidly growing and aging population in Mississauga and for seniors living throughout the region.

EllisDon Corporation was awarded the contract to build the new patient care tower for rehabilitation and complex continuing care at the future home of The Gilgan Family Queensway Health Centre. Completion of this 600,000-square-foot hospital expansion is scheduled for 2029. This spring, we were joined by the Premier, Ministers of Health and Infrastructure, and local elected officials, as well as hundreds of community members, donors, partners, staff, patients, and families for a groundbreaking ceremony that was both a reflection on the legacy of the Queensway Health Centre and a celebration of the future expansion.

In February, we opened our newly constructed parking garage at Queensway Health Centre, which offers eight levels of parking for 800 spaces in addition to some 400 existing surface level spots. The parking garage will provide sufficient parking for staff and patients throughout construction of the new patient care tower. Once the expansion is completed, there will be over 1,400 parking spaces on site.

We continue to advance our work on the future home of The Peter Gilgan Mississauga Hospital. We completed over 300 user engagement sessions, with more to come, for our hospital teams to provide input to refine the design. Broader site preparations are ongoing, including the demolition of other structures located on the footprint of the new hospital, including the now vacant Camilla Care residence and the Clinical Administration Building. These demolitions and initial site preparations are expected to continue into early 2025.

As the communities we serve continue to grow, so are we. These facilities exemplify THP's commitment to building a more complete and inclusive system of care in collaboration with health system partners throughout the community.

Partnering to Improve Patient Care

THP partners with community organizations to improve patients’ access to health care services outside the hospital in their community. During the peak of cold and flu season, THP partnered with the Mississauga Health Ontario Health Team (M-OHT) and team-based primary care OHT members Summerville and Credit Valley Family Health Teams, and CarePoint Health to establish the Mississauga Health Paediatric Care Clinic. This clinic had over 1,000 patient visits and offered primary care to hundreds of young patients without family doctors helping children, youth, and their families. It also helped to avoid unnecessary visits to busy hospital Emergency Departments.

In January, THP reopened its Urgent Care Centre at Queensway Health Centre, providing additional access to care for patients with non-life-threatening conditions and patients unattached to primary care physicians. Since then, we have seen over 4,500 patients in the Urgent Care Centre.

THP’s Urgent Care Centre, THP Solutions, and Mississauga Health work together to develop care models for patients in West Toronto and Mississauga. The Mississauga Health SCOPE – Seamless Care Optimizing Patient Experience platform – is one solution that facilitates collaborative care for primary care providers to access hospital specialists, diagnostics, and community resources. This helps support patients in receiving care when and where they need it. Using SCOPE, physicians can consult and receive diagnostic appointments quickly to help patients avoid unnecessary trips to hospital Emergency Departments and instead give primary care providers information to establish treatment plans to meet patients needs. Over the past year, SCOPE received over 500 calls from primary care providers, with 42 per cent related to system navigation, 20 per cent to request a real-time phone consultation with a specialist, and 28 per cent to request diagnostic imaging. Additionally, 26 per cent of SCOPE consults resulted in patients avoiding a visit to the hospital Emergency Department.

To support patients when they leave the hospital and help prevent readmission, THP@home, in partnership with CANES Community Care, offers community-based homecare to support patient recovery and early hospital-to-home transitions. This personalized service, which includes community care providers, means patients receive care in their homes or while they safely await longer-term community-based services. With additional one-time funding, we expanded services within the THP@home program, connecting 14 patients per week with in-home support. Since April, over 400 complex senior patients returned home through this program, helping avoid an estimated 5,225 days in hospital, and releasing 14 beds of capacity for acute inpatients.

Shaping a Healthier Tomorrow

Implementing AI on the Frontlines of Patient Care

As a specialized academic care centre, THP is teaching and training the next generation of health care professionals, innovating care delivery, and advancing research to benefit the local community and beyond. We do this work in partnership with our research and innovation engine, the Institute for Better Health (IBH), a leader in health service delivery and population health through research, evaluation science, advanced analytics, and implementation of innovative care models.

At THP, we know that innovation is essential, and we see the tremendous potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform health care. In August 2023, we introduced one such AI solution in partnership with Canadian health start-up, Signal 1. The Clinical Stability Predictor uses patient data from THP’s electronic medical record to predict patient status within the next 72 hours. This insight, paired with clinical expertise, helps THP’s care teams to deliver the best patient care, while enhancing decision-making and improving efficiency and workflow.

THP’s clinical programs and IBH’s Innovation team tested the Clinical Stability Predictor in THP's Medicine Program through a six-month project, enabled by the Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network, with evaluation supported by IBH’s AI Deployment and Evaluation Lab.

With more than 1.72 million patient visits this past year, THP is one of the busiest hospitals in Canada, and improving efficiency in the discharge process at our hospital has never been more important. The Clinical Stability Predictor is helping support our teams to make the best recommendations to ensure patients reach the next step of their care journey as soon as they are ready.

Building Ontario’s First Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Creating a new kind of health care requires bold thinking. In September 2023, THP announced its vision and plan for Ontario’s first women’s and children’s hospital that will be known as the Shah Family Hospital for Women and Children after a remarkable donation by a local family, through the Shah Family Foundation. Located within the future home of The Peter Gilgan Mississauga Hospital, the 200,000-square-foot facility will be equipped with innovative technology, designed to provide the highest standards of care in maternal and newborn health, children’s health, and women’s health.

The facility will be purpose-built for families, offering specialized services and integrated care enabled by health system partnerships. The Shah Family Hospital for Women and Children will profoundly impact the generational health of the community, through all stages of infancy and childhood and through all phases of adulthood for women. Access to this care is more necessary than ever, especially in our region, where at THP more than 8,000 births take place annually – more than any hospital in Canada.

To set the stage for the future, beginning in 2025, all birthing and post-partum care, inpatient paediatrics, and neonatal intensive care services will be at THP’s Credit Valley Hospital until the hospital is built. Integrating care will bring together our specialized teams, resources, and services into one location providing a common and integrated experience for patients and families and enable our teams to manage the increasing demand in the community. For more information about the new women’s and children’s hospital, visit: Women’s and Children’s Hospital - Trillium Health Works.

  • THP by the numbers
    2023-24 Annual Community Report
  • 303 Undergraduate students
  • 465 Postgraduate students:
    • 405 Residents
    • 60 Clinical fellows
$112 million

Patient Care Services Highlights

Cancer Care


in number of breast cancer surgeries performed in Ontario (22/23)


highest number of cancer surgeries performed in Ontario (22/23)


highest number of radiation treatments performed in Ontario (22/23)

Cardiac Care


in number of isolated coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedures performed in Ontario (23/24) – 1,244 procedures


highest number of cardiac surgeries performed in Ontario (23/24) – 1,523 total cardiac surgeries


highest number of cardiac catheterization procedures performed in Ontario (22/23)

Women’s and Children’s Care


in number of births in Ontario (23/24) – 8,515 births


highest number of NICU beds in Ontario (23/24) – 48 NICU beds

Emergency Care


highest number of Emergency Department visits in Ontario (22/23)

Neurosurgical Care


in number of neurosurgical operations in the province - 2,427 operations were performed (23/24)

1 of 2

neurosurgical centres in Canada that brings patients requiring an emergency EVT procedures directly from the ambulance to the operating room


EVT emergency stroke procedures performed (23/24)



in number of inpatients treated (22/23) – 65,226 patients, more than any hospital in Ontario


highest number of surgical procedures in Ontario (22/23) - 64,944 procedures completed


highest number of mental health beds in Ontario (22/23) – 96 beds


highest number of ICU beds in Ontario (22/23) – 110 beds


outpatient hemodialysis treatments (22/23)

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The Community We Serve

THP is one of Canada’s largest hospitals, serving residents of Mississauga and West Toronto, one of the most diverse communities in the world. Over half of the people living in the community were born outside of Canada, representing more than 55 nationalities, and speaking more than 130 languages. More than 18,000 newcomers arrive to the community each year.

At THP, we are deeply invested in understanding community health. We analyze data on demographics and health to personalize our services for the 1.72 million patient visits we had last year. Our focus is developing culturally sensitive interventions to address community-specific health needs and promote better outcomes while reducing inequities.

Over the next 20 years, no hospital in Ontario will experience more growth in demand for services than THP. The projected growth rate at THP is seven times more than the average Ontario hospital. By 2041, the region is expected to grow by about 1 million people with significant increases in children and youth under age 18 and seniors over age 65.

THP has many clinical specialties and is home to 14 regional programs. We provide highly-specialized regional programs for cardiac, stroke, cancer, vascular, neurosurgery, and renal, and provide the second highest number of surgeries in the province with demand increasing.

We are also seeing patients with more complex needs staying in the hospital with seniors making up a growing number of patients. Since the pandemic, we have seen an increase in the number of Emergency Department visits and admissions. The need for mental health services is also increasing as we are also seeing more patients admitted to the hospital with mental health conditions like psychosis and schizophrenia.

Having a clear picture of the patient populations we care for can have a huge impact on the way local health care is planned and provided. The Mississauga Ontario Health Team developed a web-based tool to help achieve better health outcomes within Mississauga. The Understanding our Community Tool is a resource that contains data and insights, by neighbourhood, about the populations we serve to support health system decision-making and planning. It also complements the Peel Health Data Zone Information Tool, which shows geographic patterns in the social determinants of health across Peel Region.

Understanding that health outcomes are influenced by several socioeconomic factors, THP is dedicated to promoting health equity. By tailoring our approaches and engaging with communities, we aim to address disparities in health care access and use. Our emphasis is on providing holistic care to enhance overall community health and minimize hospitalizations. We are committed to working collaboratively with community health partners to implement solutions that address these disparities and ensure equitable health care access for all.

  • Northwest Mississauga, east Mississauga, southwest Mississauga, and south Etobicoke make up a community of about 800,000
  • As a regional hospital, with 14 regional specialty programs, THP serves a broader community of 2.2 million in West Toronto, Peel, and Halton and in some cases beyond
  • 82 per cent of Mississauga residents came to THP for emergency care, day surgery, and/or inpatient care this year
  • Residents in east and southwest Mississauga tend to be older and have a higher incidence of chronic diseases. There is a substantial number of recent immigrants this population shows a higher material deprivation score (indicating lower socioeconomic status). These neighborhoods exhibit increased use of healthcare services, presenting an opportunity to enhance overall population health outcomes.

  • Financial Reporting
    2023-24 Annual Community Report

In the 2023-24 fiscal year, THP continued progress in advancing a new kind of health care for a healthier community, while continuing to manage the downstream challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and significant growth in the demand for patient care services.

Through the prudent stewardship of resources, THP made important investments this year to support the health of the community and provide greater access to care. This included the growth of THP@home, which provided streamlined patient care for patients ready to leave the hospital; access to 24 additional beds in the community through a partnership with LOFT; expansion of mental health services; as well as the reopening of the Urgent Care Centre at Queensway Health Centre; and a new Oncology Pharmacentre at Credit Valley Hospital.

THP also made key investments in tools and equipment to support quality, access, and sustainability of services including a refurbished cardiac catheterization electrophysiology lab, acquisition of 3D imaging equipment for specialized spine care, new digital x-ray machines, automated medication dispensing equipment to support safer hospital care, alongside the addition of numerous inpatient beds to enhance care quality and experience. THP recognizes that the future of care is digitally-enabled to improve patient experiences, integrated through collaboration, and operationally efficient. As such, THP has also made investments in digital tools and infrastructure, including digital clinical care investments, security upgrades, and the start of a new workforce, human resources management, and payroll information system.

THP also achieved important milestones this year on building capacity for a growing community through advancing Trillium HealthWorks. This included completed construction of Wellbrook Place long-term care home, the new 800-space parking garage at the Queensway Health Centre, and breaking ground on the future home of the Gilgan Family Queensway Health Centre.

This period has been marked by unprecedented pressures facing the hospital sector, including growing community need and increased costs of care delivery. The cost of care is driven by inflation, including the cost of supplies and drugs, and compensation costs.

Over this past year, several arbitrations awarded additional increases in wages for staff through the period of April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2024. THP has recorded additional salaries, wages, and employee benefit expenses in the current year related to the retroactive and current year wage increases, in addition to amounts accrued based on best estimates at the end of the 2022-23 fiscal year. In February 2024, the government confirmed one-time revenues to support hospitals with the significant impact of these compensation-related costs. As such, THP has recorded Ministry revenues to largely offset the costs of Bill 124 in 2023-24, related to both the current fiscal year as well as one-time costs of Bill 124 reported in the previous fiscal year.

Throughout the year, THP has focused on prudent financial management and stewardship of resources, active planning and forecasting, execution of our operational plan, and worked with government to address these unprecedented pressures. As a result, THP ended the year (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024) with a modest surplus of $3.4 million, or 0.2 per cent of total hospital revenues.

(in thousands of dollars)

Revenue 2024
Ministry of Health and other ministries 1,309,650 1,137,561
Other agencies and patient revenues 119,344 98,055
Other income 142,780 124,947
Amortization of deferred capital grants and contributions - equipment 11,920 8,880
Investment income 10,956 8,038
Special programs - Ministries of Health and Community and Social Services 44,593 36,614
1,639,243 1,414,095
Expenses 2024
Salaries, wages and employee benefits 1,050,286 953,812
Medical and surgical supplies 115,732 105,155
Drug supplies 92,550 75,799
Other supplies and expenses 270,256 220,388
Amortization - equipment 38,790 41,142
Special programs - Ministries of Health and Community and Social Services 44,578 36,599
1,612,192 1,432,895
Surplus (deficit) of revenue over expenses 27,051 (18,800)
Amortization of deferred capital grants and contributions - building 29,574 27,358
Amortization - buildings and land improvements  (44,710) (42,700)
Interest on long-term debt (8,553) (8,611)
(23,689) (23,953)
Surplus (deficit) of revenue over expenses for the year  3,362 (42,753)

Full audited financial statements are available at this link, or by emailing Communications and Public Affairs at Public.Affairs@thp.ca

Trillium Health Partners main sites include Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and
Queensway Health Centre. Satellite sites include the Reactivation Care Centre Church,
Peel Behavioural Services, Infant & Child Development Services Peel,
Renal Care Centre Watline, South Mississauga Dialysis Centre,
and Ambulatory Adult Mental Health Services.

For more information on Innovation and Research

The Institute for Better Health is a key enabler for shaping a new kind of health care for a healthier community through the application of scientific expertise, innovative thinking and partnerships.

Thanks to our Community and Donors

Working with our community and donors, Trillium Health Partners Foundation raises the critical funds needed to address the highest priority needs of Trillium Health Partners.