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 KidFit Program



KidFit Program

By: Dr. Ian Zenlea and the KidFit Team

Deepy Sur, Erin Lipsitt, Carla Ulloa, Dr. Ian Zenlea, Alex Wills, Jennifer Green, Lisa Metzger, and Brooke Halpert.

The Challenge

A growing number of children in our communities struggle with obesity – 1 in 3 children and youth in Peel Region are overweight or obese. Some also struggle, often silently, with issues such as anxiety, depression, and bullying at school. These can have a very real effect on their lifestyle, and that in turn affects overall physical health, with weight being just one component.

The Solution

KidFit is a unique multi-disciplinary approach looking at the many dimensions contributing to a child’s weight problem. A dedicated team made up of a paediatrician, dietitian, social worker, exercise specialist, child psychologist, nurse and program manager work directly with children and families to create a specific, tailored program. KidFit also works with many community partners to ensure health care providers all work together with children and families to guide their care, helping them to live healthier lifestyles.