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Cardiology Patient Care Unit

Mississauga Hospital

Cardiac Services is a comprehensive service located in one single-floor location with operating rooms, critical care areas, cardiology and coronary care inpatient units literally next door to one another. The single location set-up allows for more familiarity between patients and staff as well as facilitating better communication, better patient flow and improving patient and staff satisfaction.

Cardiac inpatients and family members of cardiac inpatients often report feeling isolated from the outside world and of having little privacy. Mississauga Hospital's intensive care units (ICUs) and coronary care units (CCUs) have windows at each bedside and sliding glass walls creating individual rooms, cutting down on noise and allowing a sense of privacy while still keeping patients in full view of nursing staff. Two courtyards located just outside the ICUs, sleepover rooms, washroom facilities, and waiting areas are also provided to make family members more comfortable.

Cardiac Services houses two cardiac catheterization suites, two cardiac operating rooms, a nine-bed cardiovascular intensive care unit, 25 inpatient cardiovascular beds, four beds for angioplasty and pacemaker patients, and a range of facilities for families, staff, and physicians.