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Complex Continuing Care


Complex Continuing Care is a specialized program that provides assessment, treatment, and supportive care to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of patients with complex medical issues. Our Complex Continuing Care teams:

  • provide ongoing patient/caregiver education
  • help patients set goals for maximum independence
  • develop care plans to maximize quality of life
  • establish plans of care so patients can maintain optimal wellness
  • collaborate with other specialists
  • help patients manage complex medical issues

We work to optimize quality of life by enhancing physical functioning and recovery potential, and/or slowing the progression of decline related to chronic diseases and medical conditions. Our goal for the majority of Complex Continuing Care patients is to help them become well enough that they no longer need to be in hospital and can be supported in another type of residential or community setting, and we work with patients and their families to design an individualized transition plan to the that setting.

We are also able to provide advanced care planning, pain and symptom management, and end of life care needs for Complex Continuing Care patients who need that kind of support.

Who We Help

Patients with multiple chronic complex medical conditions or diagnoses whose needs cannot be met in any other community or residential setting, including long-term care.