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Family Support & Visiting


We know it’s important for our patients to have family members and loved ones involved in their care while in the hospital. Family members’ visitation is based on the patient’s medical condition, care needs and expressed wishes. Please respect our patients needs for a quiet environment during the night to allow for rest, recovery and bonding with baby.

  • Labour Assessment Unit
  • One Support Person - no switching out with others

  • Birthing Suites
  • 2 designated essential support persons may be present for labour and birth
    • No switching out with others
    • Children are not considered support persons
  • For scheduled caesarean sections - 1 essential support person may be present in Birthing Suites (in both surgery & recovery).

  • Obstetrics/Mother Baby Unit
  • 2 visitors may be present at the bedside at a time
  • Children under 14 years old may visit as one of the 2 visitors at the bedside and must be accompanied by an adult visitor; children may not stay overnight
  • We encourage quiet time on the unit from 2pm to 4pm AND 10pm to 8am; only 1 support person may stay during this time​

  • Numbers at the bedside will be based on activity on the unit and paitents condition and/or needs.
  • Please ensure all visitors wash and/or sanitize their hands before entering your room and touching or holding your baby.
  • Family support/ visitors who are unwell should not come to the hospital.
  • There may be times when visiting is limited or restricted.

Note: Check the THP website for the most up to date visiting guidelines as they may change during pandemic.