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Research Ethics Board


​Trillium Health Partners’ Research Ethics Board​​ (REB) is a body established by and accountable to the hospital’s Board of Directors to independently protect the rights and welfare of humans participating in research. The REB is comprised of staff, volunteers, legal​ representation and ethics and privacy specialists.

THP REB​ maintains active registration with the Office of Human Research Protections.

The REB ensures that all research involving humans ​meets current ethical and scientific standards. All research conducted at Trillium Health Partners must be compliant with the applicable legislation, guidelines, policies and regulations​ (PDF, 193kb).

Serious Adverse Events Subcommittee (SAE)
The Serious Adverse Events Subcommittee reviews all serious adverse events. This assists with assessing the general safety of a study (study intervention) in our patient population. The subcommittee specifically follows up on all SAE involving Trillium Health Partners’ patients to ensure all of the appropriate measures were followed in their care and follow-up. Please complete the Serious Adverse Event Reporting form within 48 hours of a serious adverse event. 

A Serious Adverse Events include adverse events that result in death, require either inpatient hospitalization or the prolongation of hospitalization, are life-threatening, result in a persistent or significant disability/incapacity or result in a congenital anomaly/birth defect. Other ​important medical events, based upon appropriate medical judgment, may also be considered Serious Adverse Events if a trial participant's health is at risk and intervention is required to prevent an outcome mentioned.​​​


The REB must meet for a minimum of 10 meetings per year. REB meetings occur on the third Thursday of every month from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.​

Submission Information​

When submitting an application to the THPREB for review, please ensure that all required material, as listed below are submitted at the same time.

  • Appropriate THP REB submission form(s);
  • ​All additional supporting study documents (protocols, consents, regulatory documents, CRFs, etc.)

Submitting your documents in component parts and/or without the necessary signatures will delay the review process.

Any submissions that are deemed incomplete will be returned to the re​searcher for modifications before being reviewed by the REB.

Please contact the Research Ethics Board Coordinator at THPREB@THP.CA for any further questions or clarifications.

Supporting and Guidance Documents

Human Research​ ​Determination Process
If you are unsure whether your project constitutes human participant research, consider applying for a research determination.  Watch the videos below to learn more about this process and supports available to you: