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 Family Medicine

Trillium Health Partners serves a diverse community of approximately 1.15 million people in Mississauga and West Toronto. We provide emergent, inpatient and outpatient care to the community in a wide range of specialties and we have affiliations with two Family Health Teams who provide primary care.

Family Health Teams are a group of doctors, nurses and other health providers, such as pharmacists and social workers, who work together to provide primary care to the residents of our community. Both Family Health Teams, through their Family Medicine Teaching Units, provide training to future physicians.

To learn more about our affiliates, the Credit Valley Family Health Team and the Summerville Family Health Team and their respective Family Medicine Teaching Units, or to contact them, please follow the links below.

Credit Valley Family Health Team Currently accepting new patients!
Summerville Family Health Team
Summerville Family Medicine Teaching Unit Currently accepting new patients!