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Registration Information

Patient Registration with Full Legal Name and Photo Identification

On February 1, 2016 patients using a red and white health card (i.e. OHIP card) to register at Trillium Health Partners’ Mississauga Hospital (MH) and Queensway Health Centre (QHC) will be required to confirm their full legal name prior to registration using an additional government-issued photo identification (ID) alongside their red and white health card, and register using that name. If the name on the patient’s red and white health card is different than the name displayed on government-issued photo ID, the full legal name will be used to register the patient. This applies to returning patients who have used a different name to register in the past. This process is already in effect at the Credit Valley Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is this change necessary?

When patients register using different forms of their name across Trillium Health Partners’ three sites, this prevents hospital staff from timely access to results, reports, and records related to their patients’ care.

What are the accepted photo ID documents that I can present along with my white and red health card?

You can use any of the following government issued photo ID documents:

  • Passport (Canadian or Foreign)
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Citizenship card with photo
  • Driver’s license or enhanced driver’s license
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • Native Canadian Status Card
  • CNIB Card

If for any reason you don’t have the original document with you, a hard copy of the document will be accepted, so long as all your personal information is legible, as we need to enter that information into the system.

Why do I have to use my full legal name instead of the name on the red and white health card?

Our primary concern is for your health and safety. By requesting proof of identity and using your full legal name, we are able to ensure that we access and update the correct medical record at all times across Trillium Health Partners’ three sites.

Why do I have to show a government-issued photo ID?

To help keep patients safe and to ensure they receive the care that they need, it is important to verify that the correct patient is registering for any medical treatment that might be required. Asking patients for a government-issued photo ID alongside the red and white health card allows staff to fully confirm the patient’s identity prior to proceeding with treatment.

I have a valid green health card with a picture. Do I need to present any other government-issued photo ID?

No. This practice is only required for patients who still use a red and white health card.

I have used a different name in my previous visits to the hospital. What’s going to happen with my hospital history/record?

Changing your name in the system won’t impact your previous records. Your health card number enables the hospital to bring up your old record. Our registration staff will apply your full legal name to your health record and merge it with any other names and information previously on file.

Everyone knows me by my preferred name. Can I use my preferred name instead of my legal name?

Your preferred name is still listed on your record. You can request a note to be placed on your file to inform our staff about the name you prefer to use.

I have legally changed my name (marriage or any other reason) but have not updated my health card. Can I register using my “new” name?

We will need to use the name on your health card or government-issued photo ID. We cannot accept any verbal information that does not match what appears on your legal photo ID. We encourage you to update your health card and photo ID to avoid any issues in the future.

How can I get another government-issued photo ID if I don’t have a driver’s license or passport?

You can apply for an Ontario Photo Card at any Service Ontario Center for a nominal fee of $35.00 dollars. An Ontario Photo Card is a wallet sized card that provides government-issued identification to those Ontarians who do not have a driver’s license, making it easier for them to do things such as open a bank account, and perform any other activities that require official identification.
See link for requirements:

If you have further questions not found in our FAQs, please contact Deb Devlin, Patient Registration Manager or phone: 905-813-1100 ext. 6642