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Keeping you safe and secure

The safety and security of patients, visitors and at Trillium Health Partners is of utmost importance to us. You’ll find uniformed Security Officers present in each of our hospitals, and should you need their assistance – whether to walk to your car at night or to report stolen property – please call the Security Office.

The following services are available to you:
  •          Lost & Found
  •          Security escorts
  •          Emergency phones
  •          Tips to help keep you safe


Security Services at Credit Valley Hospital

Uniformed Security Officers are present in the hospital ensure the safety and security outpatients, staff, visitors and property. Security can be contacted at 905-813-3974.
Fire Safety
Fire drills take place regularly; when these occur, please follow the staff's instructions.
If you discover a fire:
  1. Immediately call for help.
  2. If possible, move away from the area of the fire.
  3. Follow the nursing staff's instructions.
  4. Try not to panic.
Lost and Found
The hospital security department provides a lost and found service. If you think you may have lost something at the hospital, please contact the security office for assistance.
A Word of Caution
Increase your personal safety while at work. Some helpful tips from the Fire and Security Department.
Stay Alert!
Be aware of who and what surrounds you. Watch out for suspicious persons or unusual occurrences.
Be Aware, Proactive, Street Smart
To ensure your safety follow the hospital 's safety programs and regulations. Please advise security at (905)813-3974 or telecommunications services at 4466 if you notice anything unusual. They will relay this information to the appropriate authority.
If you plan to work in an area after normal hours and are concerned about being alone, inform security or telecommunications services where you are. Lock all exterior doors and ask security to periodically patrol your area. Trust your instincts. If something or someone makes you feel uneasy, remove yourself from the situation. If you suspect that someone is following you, switch directions abruptly. Find an area where there are other people, and ask for help. If you feel threatened, do not be afraid to make a scene. Public embarrassment should not be a concern when you are in a dangerous situation.
Security Department Staff Escorts
If you leave the hospital after dark have your keys ready in your hand before you reach your car. Ask security to escort you to the car, or try to leave with someone who can accompany you to your car. You can then drive her/him to their car (buddy system).Ensure that the person is safely in their car and that the car is operational before departing.
Emergency Phones in the Parking Structure

Emergency phones are located at all stairwell exists and are monitored by telecommunications services 24 hours a day.
In Your Car
Always lock your car after entering and leaving. Keep the doors locked and windows rolled up to prevent anyone from reaching inside. Look inside your vehicle before getting in to assure no one is hiding inside, even if the doors were locked. Have your keys in hand so you do not have to linger before getting into your car. Lock your car before driving away.

If the elevator opens and the person inside makes you uncomfortable -don 't get in. Wait until the next elevator arrives. Remember that most elevators also have two-way emergency communication devices. If you do encounter difficulties with a person in the elevator, try to push as many of the floor buttons as you can, or push the emergency switch as this will ring a bell outside the elevator.

Car Safety - Off Premises
Travel on well-lit streets and keep your purse out of sight. If you have car trouble, place "Call police " sign on your windshield. If you do not have a sign, raise the hood of the car, lock yourself in, and wait for the police to arrive. If a stranger offers to help, do not get out of your car. Ask the person to call for assistance. Do not stop to offer to help a stranded motorist. Stop at the next phone booth or use your cell phone to call for assistance. If you are being followed, write down the license number, drive to the nearest service station, restaurant, neighbour or police station and blow the horn. Look to your rear to ensure that nobody has followed you. If you enter an underground garage, and the person is still following you, don 't park. Exit the garage and drive to get help.

If Accosted
Scream and run to the nearest residence or business. Cries for help can discourage the assailant. If he has a car, note the license number, colour and make of the car. Get an accurate description such as nationality, clothing, scars, colour of hair, weight and height. If you choose to defend yourself, take advantage of any weapons you may have such as car keys, comb, umbrella or finger nails. The choice of whether you can defend yourself against attack can only be made by you. There is no way to predict an attacker 's action.
Report any attacks to the police immediately.
A Word Of Caution...
Steps you and your co-workers can take to increase your personal safety while at work.