COVID-19 Outbreak Update

Trillium Health Partners' (THP) top priority is the safety of our patients, people and the community. As we continue to see community spread of COVID-19, THP remains vigilant and is actively preparing measures to respond to additional cases and outbreaks.

What is a COVID-19 outbreak?

In accordance with the Ministry of Health, a COVID-19 outbreak is declared when two or more patients and/or staff within a specified area (unit/floor/service) with confirmed COVID-19 have been identified within a 14 day period, where both cases could have reasonably* acquired the infection in the hospital. Examples of reasonably having acquired an infection in hospital include:
no known source of infection outside of the hospital; or having been admitted for 5 or more days before symptom onset (based on the median incubation period of the virus).  

As part of our Pandemic Response action plan and in alignment with the hospital's infection prevention and control guidelines, we have implemented a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Enhanced screening for all individuals entering our hospital, including staff
  • Opening of COVID-19 Assessment Centres (three to date)
  • Adoption of Public Health Ontario guidelines for Droplet Contact Precautions for potential COVID-19 patients
  • Designated units for COVID-19 patients
  • Continued health care worker education and demonstrations for appropriately using personal protective equipment during this pandemic

When an outbreak is declared on a unit, additional measures are put into place. These include:

  • Closing the unit to any new admissions
  • Putting existing unit patients on Droplet/Contact Precautions
  • Monitoring and testing of staff, professional staff and patients regardless of symptoms
  • Contact tracing for possible exposure
  • Limiting staff members who normally work on multiple units to work on one unit only
  • Enhanced cleaning on the unit, and increased education on the use of personal protective equipment, washing of hands and physical distancing
  • Increased hand hygiene audits