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Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program at Trillium Health Partners is a physician-referred, voluntary, short-term, outpatient acute-care program that can follow inpatient care or be used as a diversion from inpatient hospitalization.

The program provides day treatment, where patients are coached by an inter-professional team to effectively manage their symptoms while maintaining important ties to the community.

In partnership with clients, a shared clinical goal is created to help focus on stabilizing symptoms and increasing coping skills through the use of therapeutic groups. The program utilizes recovery principles by empowering patients, instilling hope and improving skills to create a meaningful life.

Contact Information

Phone: 905-338-4123


A doctor’s referral is required. Physicians can direct referrals to Centralized Intake at one-Link.

The referral form can be found at Phone: 905-338-4123