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Outpatient Physiotherapy

August 2022 Update:​

  • Outpatient Physiotherapy Services at THP are now being offered at the Queensway Health Centre (please see below for Location, Hours and Contact Information)
  • We have resumed in-person assessment and treatment as of August 8, 2022. Virtual care is also available when requested
  • As of March 1, 2021, we resumed acceptance of GTA Rehab Network referrals for patients who have had a total joint replacement (hip/knee). Patients must reside in the Mississauga-Halton area. Please fax referrals to 416-521-4117.
  • Please contact 416-521-4142 if you require further information.​

To schedule your initial Outpatient Physiotherapy appointment, please call 416-521-4142 at least 1 week prior to your surgery.

Outpatient Physiotherapy Services

Outpatient Physiotherapy Services at Trillium Health Partners focus on assessment and treatment of patients who have had total joint replacement procedures (hip/knee). Our goal is to provide early access to assessment and the most current, evidence-based practice treatments to help you return to your daily routine. Outpatient Physiotherapy services include:

  • Assessment
  • Goal setting and treatment planning
  • Pre-operative and Post-operative Education
  • Individual and group exercise programming
  • Home exercise program

Registered Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy assistants work together to deliver your treatment program. They have advanced knowledge about working with patients who have undergone a total joint replacement.

Patients are engaged in setting their treatment goals and are expected to participate in their assigned home program to help their full functional recovery.​

Who We Help

Outpatient Physiotherapy Services accepts patients who have had surgery at our hospitals for total joint replacements (hip/knee), and who are referred by Trillium Health Partners Orthopaedic surgeons.

We also accept referrals from surgeons whose patients reside in our Local Health Integrated Network or our local geographic area, even if you did not have your surgery at Trillium Health Partners.


Outpatient Physiotherapy Services are currently available at Trillium Health Partners’ Queensway Health Centre.

Queensway Health Centre
150 Sherway Drive
Toronto, ON M9C 1A5

The Outpatient Physiotherapy Services is located on the main floor of Queensway Health Centre. Please register at central registration before every session and follow the signs for Diagnostic Imaging (DI). The Outpatient Physiotherapy gym is located on the left hand side before the DI department.


Queensway Health Centre
Monday to Thursday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact Information

Queensway Health Centre
Phone: 416-521-4142
Fax: 416-521-4117


A referral from your Orthopaedic surgeon is required.​

Resources for Patients & Their Families

When Will I Start Physiotherapy? How Long Will it Last?

  • Knee Replacement. You can expect to start outpatient physiotherapy between 3-5 days after your discharge from hospital, and typically you can expect to participate in an in-person exercise class twice per week for up to 6 weeks. Virtual care is available if requested.
  • Hip Replacement. If you have had a hip replacement, your first appointment in outpatient physiotherapy will typically be between 2-4 weeks post-discharge. You will likely only need 2-4 visits. Virtual care is available if requested.

What Do I Need to Bring for In-person Appointments?

  • Please bring your Health Card with you to every in-person appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can exercise in.​
  • Please bring your walking aid (walker/cane) if required. Please also bring your reading glasses to the initial assessment and reassessment as patients will be filling out intake forms and questionnaires with pen and paper.