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Outpatient Services

Outpatient Physiotherapy

Outpatient Physiotherapy Services
Outpatient Physiotherapy Services at Trillium Health Partners focuses on the assessment and treatment of patients who have undergone total joint replacement procedures (hip/knee) at Trillium Health Partners, or who reside in our LHIN/local geographic area.

What to Expect
Our goal is to provide early access to assessment and evidence-based (what is supported in professional literature and the most up-to-date information) treatment to assist you to return to your daily routine. Outpatient Physiotherapy services include:

  • Assessment
  • Goal setting and treatment planning
  • Education
  • Individual and group exercise programming
  • Home exercise program

Registered physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants work together to deliver your treatment program. They have advanced knowledge about working with individuals who have undergone total joint replacement.
Patients are engaged in setting their treatment goals and are expected to participate in their assigned home program to aid their full functional recovery.
You can expect to start outpatient physiotherapy between 3-7 days after your knee replacement surgery, and typically you can expect to participate in exercise classes twice per week for up to 6 weeks. If you have had a hip replacement, your first appointment in outpatient physiotherapy will typically be between 2-6 weeks post-surgery. You will likely only need 1-3 visits.


Outpatient Physiotherapy Services accepts patients who have had surgery at our hospitals for total joint replacements (hip/knee), and who are referred by Trillium Health Partners orthopaedic surgeons.  We also accept referrals from physicians if you reside in our LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network) or our local geographic area, regardless of where you had your surgery for total joint replacement.  

Finding Us
Outpatient Physiotherapy Services are available at Trillium Health Partners’ Queensway Health Centre AND Credit Valley Hospital.  Please bring your Health Card with you to every appointment.
Wear comfortable clothes in which you can exercise. For your first visit, bring a list of your current medications.


Credit Valley Hospital
2200  Eglinton Avenue West
Mississauga, ON
L5M 2N1

The Outpatient Physiotherapy Service is located on the lower level (level 1) of the Credit Valley Hospital.  Enter through the Ambulatory Doors off of Credit Valley Road. Please stop at the Patient Registration Desk to register for the appointment and they will direct you to our location.

Queensway Health Centre:
150 Sherway Drive
Main Floor
Toronto, ON 
M9C 1A5

The Outpatient Physiotherapy Service is located on the main floor of the Queensway Health Centre. Enter through the Urgent Care Centre doors. Take a left down the hall towards Diagnostic Imaging. Before Diagnostic Imaging, take a right turn down the hallway and the first office on the left side is the reception area.


Monday – Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Neurodiagnostic Services

Neurodiagnostic Services provides a full range of neurodiagnostic tests that aid in diagnosing disease processes affecting the nervous system. At Trillium Health Partners - Queensway Health Centre, services include outpatient, adult and paediatric EEG. At Trillium Health Partners- Mississauga Hospital, services include adult and paediatric EEG, Evoked Potentials and Intra-operative monitoring

Rehabilitation Services

Day Hospital
Rehabilitation Day Hospital provides active, intensive, interdisciplinary assessment, consultation and treatment for adult patients who have complex rehabilitation needs. The Day Hospital's focus is on stroke, brain injury (traumatic and aneurysm), muskuloskeletal, and general complex rehabilitation patients.
The team is comprised of nursing, social work, therapeutic recreation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. The team assesses patients for admission into the program once goals for rehabilitation have been identified and discussion with the patient and family has taken place. The overall goals of the program are to facilitate a full transition to the community and to optimize function. While attending the Day Hospital, patients live in the community and travel to the hospital for an intensive program two times a week.

The Outpatient Neurology program is the counterpart to the Day Hospital. Patients with neurological problems who need rehabilitation are cared for by a team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers. Communication, dysphagia assessment and management, aphasia group, and voice therapy services are offered.

Vestibular Lab
Trillium's Vestibular Lab provides testing to patients with problems of the vestibular system such as imbalance and dizziness.

Stroke Treatment/Prevention

Trillium Health Partners - Mississauga Hospital

Stroke is a medical emergency. Chances of surviving a stroke and achieving full recovery are significantly higher if medical help is sought right away. As a regional stroke centre, Mississauga Hospital's Emergency Centre has staff skilled in identifying and treating stroke patients. If a patient arrives at Trillium's Urgent Care Centre in its Queensway Health Centre facility showing signs of a stroke or stroke-like symptoms, s/he is transferred immediately to Mississauga Hospital's Emergency Centre.

Stroke patients needing admission to hospital are cared for in the Comprehensive Stroke Unit at Trillium Health Partners - Mississauga Hospital.

Comprehensive Stroke Unit
Trillium Health Partners - Mississauga Hospital
Trillium's Comprehensive Stroke Unit (CSU) is a 20-bed unit comprised of 12 acute beds and eight rehabilitation beds. The CSU provides tertiary-level adult stroke care serving the West GTA region. Trillium Health Partners - Mississauga Hospital is one of the top hospitals in Canada for delivering t-PA to acute stroke patients. We have four neurologists who specialize in stroke care as well as an experienced inter-professional stroke team that delivers best practice care. Patients receive acute and rehabilitation care all in one unit eliminating the need to change beds or health care teams.

Regional Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic
The Regional Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic at Mississauga Hospital provides quick assessment and access to diagnostic services and treatment for patients at high risk of suffering a stroke. The clinic was developed in conjunction with Trillium's role as the Regional Stroke Centre for the West GTA Stroke Network. The clinic aims to reduce the incidence of stroke through:

  • Early assessment and treatment,
  • Patient and health care provider education on stroke prevention
  • Support and risk factor screening for spouses and family members of stroke patients
  • Medical care and lifestyle changes.

Clinic Hours Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
A referral to the Stroke Prevention Clinic from a Trillium Emergency Physician is required.

West GTA Stroke Network: