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3C Seniors Care Unit Mississauga Hospital

The 3C Seniors Care Unit (SCU) at the Mississauga Hospital (MH) was established in March 2021, under the leadership of the Primary Care, Rehab, CCC, Palliative and Seniors Services Program to provide inter-professional care to complex older adults.

Effective December 4, 2023, the 18-bed inpatient 3C SCU at MH will expand to 26 beds. The 8 additional beds that have been temporarily supported by the 3A Medicine team staff since August 2023 will now be managed as part of the SCU under the leadership of the Primary Care, Palliative and Seniors Services Program.

Patients will continue to receive holistic, intensive, evidence-based care for up to three weeks, with a focus on preventing deconditioning and improving cognitive and physical outcomes.

The unit uses the 48/6 model of care to ensure all patients are assessed in six key areas of function, plus wounds, and have a care plan within 48 hours of admission. The importance of post-admission continuity of care is also emphasized to avoid future hospital admissions and transitions to long-term care.

Referral Process

The SCU uses a "pull model" where patients are admitted after being identified and deemed appropriate through specialized geriatric triage. Most patients arrive on the unit as transfers or from the Emergency Department (ED).​